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DHA Affidavit Files & Allocation Files Rates

File = Area which is not balloted yet or on ground or not on ground, and possession (where construction can be started immediately) is not granted by the Builder / Developer / Authority

Plot File = Area which is balloted yet or on ground or not on ground, and possession (where construction can be started immediately) is not granted by the Builder / Developer / Authority

Plot = Area where physical possession (where construction can be started immediately) is granted by the Builder / Developer / Authority

DHA Files and Plots Rates
DHA Files and Plots Rates

Disclaimer: eProperty only provides Property Rates / Prices, Real Estate Market Trends and Analysis for DHA Lahore, DHA Multan, DHA Bahawalpur, DHA Gujranwala, DHA Peshawar and Other Housing Societies / Schemes in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Gwadar. For balloting, development, possession and other related queries please contact Builder / Developer / Authority directly.

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585 thoughts on “DHA Files Rates | Daily Prices Updates | Buy Sell Files

  1. Dear sir, I have few queries in my mind. Thought I’d ask them one by one succinctly.

    1. Around 1 and half years ago, I thought of buying a cheap 1K plot in NFC –Phase 2(J Block) for 24 lacs as someone advised me that the rates would jump significantly after six months. Though I haven’t bought it that time but I see the rates of the plot are still the same (around 25 to 27) even after 1.5 years. WHY IS IT SO? WHY HAVEN’T RATES GONE UP THERE?

    2. Although I have a budget of around 1 Crore, but I was thinking to divide it and invest in four different properties of worth 25-30 Lacs rather than a single property of 1 Crore. WHAT DO YOU SAY?

    3. In this budget of 25-30 Lacs, what are the best opportunities available for me within Lahore?

    4. I have gone through a lot of pages offering properties in PRISM & IVY DHA? WHAT ARE THEY?

    5. What sectors in BAHRIA are good for investment ?

    6. Recently, I have seen the ad of a property in DHA Peshawar, The balloting hasn’t taken place but Dealers are offering confirm files of 1K and 10 Marla for the same rate that is offered by DHA through balloting. i.e. 1 Kanal confirm file rate is around 50 Lac.? WHY IS THAT SO?

    I would be very grateful sir.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Several reasons are there for NFC Phase 2 for not growing.

      1- Ring Road
      2- Still under development
      3- Due to poor management

      But all these factors still do not stop me to highly recommend NFC Phase 2 for investment. NFC Phase 2 will have good return in future

      It better to invest in different options for various factors. One of them is that you can liquidate partially. If you need some money at any stage you can liquidate one of them. Also there are more chances for higher return as compare to buy a single property. All of the above it peace of mind that is more important.

      In this budget there can be many options but few of them I know:

      DHA Phase 9 Prism
      DHA Phase 8 Z Block
      DHA City
      DHA Phase 11 (DHA Rahbar)
      Lake City
      NFC Phase 2
      Sui Gas Lahore
      AWT Phase 2
      Bahria Orchard

      Prism is DHA Phase 9 Lahore
      IVY Green is DHA Phase 8 Z Block

      Only on ground with possession plots are recommended for investment in case of Bahria Town Lahore

      In Peshawar DHA has offered booking, you saw ad of booking. Details are here DHA Peshawar

      There is a difference between DHA File and Bahria Town File or any other society File. DHA issue files against land surrender by Land Holders. Where as other societies like Bahria Town etc. print from and book the plot. So can print as many booking form as they want. The Land Owners who have surrender their files with DHA Peshawar, DHA has issued them files for a specific ratio against their files. So they are actually selling their own land which is now part of DHA. So purchaser dont need to pay any cost of land against these files and these files are called as full paid files mean confirm allocation. Because seller is not selling you a booking he is selling you his own land which now became part of DHA. In general DHA give 2 file of 1 Kanal against 8 Kanal of land. DHA issue two files to land owner and rest of 6 Kanal remains with DHA. Now DHA have access land always then the file issued. It mean DHA has 75% of land available after issuing 25% of files against 100% land.

      Same is the case of DHA Bahawalpur. You can get 1 Kanal cash payment file @ 28 lacs and booking is available in 38 lacs on installment package.

  2. Salam Atif bhai,

    I read your suggestions & advices, these are very helpful. Thanks & JazakAllah. I am planning to invest 22-25 lacs in DHA Phase 9. Is a plot of 5 marla in J-block a better option? Please suggest.



    1. In fact it is a good option, currently Phase 9 Prism Sector R rates are more then Sector J, but in future I assess that Sector J rates will close to Sector R if not more then Sector R due to Lahore Ring Road access.

  3. Dear Brother,
    Please evaluate Prism 9 plot # D884, and also advice me good investment with about 50 lac.

  4. Asslam o alaikum sir ,
    i appreciate your work.i need your precious advice.i have 15 lacks and i want to invest for 2 years.my retirement is in 2018.so kindly suggest me some society in which you think i should invest and expect some raise in 2 next years.

  5. Aoa
    Sir i am planning to buy 1 kanal plot in PIA society block C for 120 lacs very close to PIA main buleverd, please suggest me should i go for it or should i buy plot in any dha phase. Please guide and advise. Thanks

    1. Umer bhai location is always selected on your personal choice. Both are good locations I mean PIA Society and DHA Lahore.

      In fact in DHA Lahore you will not find any good location plot in possessor area in 120 lacs budget.

      Kindly real our FAQ, it might help you for decision.

  6. Assallam O Allaikum. Brother may I invest in DHA Peshawar or not? Kindly tell me the market analysis of this Project? Thanks and Jazakallah

    1. Peshawar is the capital of KPK and has a history from centuries. From Centuries people using Grand Trunk Road from Kabul to Dehli which passes through the city of Peshawar. It is the fist time that Pakistan top most developer DHA is now in Peshawar. I recommend to invest in DHA Peshawar, and also suggest to invest till maturity to get best out come from DHA Peshawar.

    2. Asslamu Alekum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Barakatuhu

      Bhai I want to sell my plot no 43A phase 6 DHA lahore . Please advise and assist . Thanks.

        1. Asslamu Alekum wa rahmatullah e wa barakatuhu Bai is there any improvement in the rates.After disposing off my plot in DHA Lahore I am thinking of investing the amount for regular Halal income in Rawalpindi /Islamabad. Please advise. Regards

  7. I want to purchase plot in lake city Lahore in M3A block 12 Marla plot. please inform what will be market price close to round about and away from round about.

  8. Wish to sell a 2 -Kanal plot on the main, next to corner, in the UET Housing Soc. Your guidance is requested as far as the price range is concerned. Will be obliged.

  9. AOA! Please advise should I sell my plot in phase7 block T 556 or hold it and how long should I hold it and also please let me know the price of my plot at this time and what should I expect out of it in future. Thanks

    1. Your plot current worth is 110 to 115. People are demanding this price in these numbers. Possession is given in this area and price will take gain. You should hold this plot for year or more. I expect 40 to 50 lacs gain within two years in this area.

  10. Please let me know the market value for my plots in DHA Shuhda Town, any suggestion regarding sale please
    Ploy No D-1874

    1. Please tell me the market value for my plots in DHA Shuhda Town, any suggestion regarding sale please
      Ploy No D-1874

    1. Phase 9 Prism Plot L 1282 @ 22 to 23 lacs located on boundary without development charges

      Phase 9 Prism Plot D 324 @ 80 to 82 lacs without development charges

  11. Please let me know the market value for my plots in DHA Phase-9 (Prism).

    1. H-107
    2. P-632
    3. Q-586

    1. DHA Phase 9 Prism Plots

      H-107 @ around 68 lacs without development charges (main boulevard back)
      P-632 @ around 72 lacs without development charges (close to boundary)
      Q-586 @ around 68 lacs without development charges (on boundary)

    1. Best blocks are A, P, C and D are top of the line blocks. At time there is no market rate but expected value among these plots for good locations will be near to 90 to 100 lacs including development charges

  12. I have been alloted plot no 1109 in M sec.It is close to Anmol Housing society. Please let me know the prospects for this plot.

    1. Your plot is just 2nd to boundary of Anmol Housing Society, I will suggest you to better sell it and buy a good location plot with some additional budget of 5 to 10 lacs

  13. I got plot in Sector N in Ph 9. My plot number is 943 should I sell it or hold it. Also evaluate my plot

    1. Dear Maj Imran, N block location is overall general location on map. Your plot location is good and assessment is 85 lacs. This assessment does not mean that it is current sale price of this plot. It is the worth of plot today even it can be traded or not today. There is no offer of plots in market. Market will take some time to be adjust. You should hold this plot at time. Check the market within a month to evaluate again. Keep in touch with our DHA Rate Section to learn more about your plot value in coming days.


  14. I really appreciate your efforts and thank full for providing such a informative website for overseas Pakistanis. Can you plz evaluate my dha ph 9 plot i.e. P 1100

    1. With the Grace of Allah Almighty first of all I am thank full to Allah Almighty created me and allowing me to help people in this field. I am nothing at all. I feel honor that I am serving overseas Pakistanis since 2004 in this field. Your comments are always welcome for the betterment of this website as well as are the guide line for eProperty and its Team.

      Your plot is located in top location block of Phase 9. DHA Phase 9 has 4 top location blocks A, P, C and D. Each has its own reason to be top. P block is centrally located in Phase 9 surrounded with Golf Course and first Central Commercial Area called Zone 1. I think the biggest Masjid of Phase 9 will be in the same Zone 1 Main Civic area. Your plot is located on Main Boulevard although it is at an end of Sector P but still a very good location over all. Its current worth is 95 to 100 including development charges.


    SECTOR E: 141

  16. Presently I am employed and residing in Dubai UAE. I am interested in buying a 500 Sq. Yds. plot in DHA phase 6.

    Kindly provide me with the general information about development including but not limited to roads structure, electric, gas, transportation and the cost range etc. Kindly also tell me about the administrative procedure for the transfer of the property, its time duration and its cost.

    Thanks and best regards.


  17. AOA I want to sell my plot in DHA phase 6 A and buy some property in Islamabad G8—–G10 sectors. What is the price now a days. Please advise and guide.

  18. AOA sir I have a plot in phase one TM bloc measuring about 8 marla in Cantt View Scheme in Gujranwala Cantt. I want to sell it and buy some property in Rawalpindi / Islamabad . Please advise me sincerely. Thanks

  19. I am residing abroad and is interested to purchase 10 marla house at askari-10 lahore in block B,C & D. Owners. No brokers please.

  20. Hi Sir,

  21. Dear Mr eProperty and Dr. Z. Chohan,

    I don’t find the referral to local dealers offensive at all. Mr. eProperty is doing a fine job i.e. giving information for what is his domain expertise and referring to local experts for what is not his domain. Unlike most Pakistani’s who seem to know everything about everything. And like to pitch in their 2 cents on subjects that they know nothing about.
    It is similar to your (Dr. Chohan’s) profession (if you are a medical doctor).
    If you are practicing Dermatology then you can’t be seeing patients for Opthalmology.

    Give the eProperty guy a break. He seems to be trying to earn money the old fashioned way – that is by working hard and honestly.

    A concerned citizen.

  22. Hi I am in norway I want to buy a 10 or 8 marla house in behria town (safari villa). Please let me know the price.

  23. i want to invest about 50 lack plase guide where shall i invest please guide me.what u think is a good idea invest in phase 7 or phase 9 allocation files. thanks

  24. Hi, I am anjum Ali I live in USA I want to know about the price of a plot 10 Marla in Tariq garden Lahore in f -block,10 Marla in Nashe an-e iqbaal phase 2 and one canal in phase 2 both are in block thanks.

  25. Sir,
    I want to confirm the rates in the DHA Rahbar sector in Phase II. Could you please tell me the rates of a 8 Marla plots

  26. I have found the answers are politely rude.If they have to contact the local dealers for almost every enquiry, then what the he.. are you doing here.You better close down your eprop chit chat.These pakistanis living abroad still do not understand that there is no free information or help in pakistan.

    1. Thank you for your feed back. I will consider it when I will see that I do not have enough time and money to run this. Till God is giving me money and time to maintain this I will maintain it InshahAllah.

      I do apologize for any inconvenience.

  27. plz can u tell me. 5 marla house nd price, in your society…nd how much instalmment i have to pay monthly

  28. Please advise me as i have 2 plots which have recently been added to Phase VII from Park View Phase VIII.

    What would be the price of those plots if we want to sell them now ?

    what do you think price will be once we get the possession ?

    Both r in U Block.


  29. Can you advise about availability of plots in DHAI II (Commoners Town), price and development related information. Is it wise to go for DHAI II (commoners town) 1-K plot or Bahria Town Phase 8 A block 1-k plot. This information is required to construct a house to shift within 3 yrs

  30. Hi,
    I am looking forward to sell an old house in samanabad area with 1 kanal area. can you pls guide me the rate in that area?

  31. Thanking you fo rthe response. I want to know the prices of 5 and 10 marla plots in Bahria Orchard Lahore.The current prices and resale prices also.

    1. 10 Marla average locations plots price vary between 13 to 14 lacs in Bahria Orchard Lahore. I am not aware about current price of 5 Marla plots in Bahria Orchard Lahore.

      Also you can reply within the same conversation by clicking “Reply” button at bottom of each conversation.

  32. hi..i would like to know what is the price of 10 marla home in bahria town, the sector which is near to thokar niaz baig…i live in dubai and one of my friends has moved there…so i just want to double check the price

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