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Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City

In view of growing housing demand in the twin cities, FDHL intends to build a quality housing project on M2 Motorway near New Islamabad International Airport falling on the eastern route of CPEC. Capital Smart City aims to become first ever smart city in Pakistan and a model for sustainable development.

It is primarily accessed from Main Chakri road interchange on M-2 Motorway and through Rawalpindi ring road in near future. National Highway also provides easy access to the society through M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. FWO (Frontier work organization) has approved a dedicated interchange for Capital Smart City, the construction on which will start in the first quarter of 2020.

Capital Smart City Gate Precinct

Gate Precient

Gate Precinct is the iconic gate entrance to Capital Smart City. As soon as you enter gate precinct, you experience the grandeur of the city. It has world-class luxurious hotels and its Vista readily attracts the community. This area encompasses high-end residential and mixed-use Buildings. Gate Precinct provides direct access to Panda District and Panda Mart.

  1. 5 Star Hotel
  2. 2 X 3 Star Hotel
  3. Serviced Apartments
  4. Offices
  5. Commercial / Retail
  6. Pavilions – 200 Outlets
  7. Apartments / Mixed-Use Buildings
  8. Mosque
  9. Educational Institute
  10. Recreational Park
Capital Smart City Panda District

Panda District

Panda District is located in eastern CPEC route near new Islamabad International Airport. Panda District is conceived as the biggest trading hub for Chinese products in South Asia, outside Mainland China. It houses the first Chinese-themed Grand Mall of Pakistan known as “Panda Mart”, which will include 2000 retailers. Panda Mart is supported by the logistics program which includes 300 warehouses and lasts a kilometer-long area, providing large-scale logistics services.

  1. Mall (2,500 Retail Shops in 1.2 km long Mall)
  2. 3,500 Car Parks
  3. 300 Warehouses (1500, 2000 and 2500 sq. ft)
  4. Truck Service Area
  5. 1000 Residential Apartments
  6. Community Club
  7. Sector Park
  8. Green Areas
  9. Mosque

Capital Smart City Aviation District

Aviation District

Aviation District is a multi-disciplinary area which is strategically designed to be the centre of various programs. This zone caters logistics and hospitality for the aviation industry as it is situated near the new Islamabad International Airport, which houses 16 million passengers every year. Aviation District comprises an aviation academy, an iconic expo centre, an aeronautical gallery and a museum. It is a perfect destination for a shopping spree with the new idea of an outlet mall.

  1. Expo Centre
  2. Aviation Academy
  3. Flight Kitchen
  4. Airline Services
  5. Outlet Mall
  6. Mosque
  7. Business District
  8. Hotel
  9. Technology Park
  10. Aeroplane Restaurant
  11. Recreational Park
  12. Green Areas
Capital Smart City Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a part of the city where innovation meets excellence. It is the modern-day bazaar where fashion, fine food and art converge in an exhilarating fusion of virtuous architecture, dazzling interiors, inspired food and deep luxury. It inspires to be the leisure destination where amusements and experiences take place. Crystal Lake residents are surrounded by dancing fountains, lake walks, featured cafes, high-end retail and hotels. The I.T and Media Hub in Crystal Lake is going to play a major role in the progress of the entire region.

  1. Corporate Office
  2. Food and Beverage
  3. 4-Star Boutique Hotel
  4. Serviced Apartments
  5. Commercial / Retail
  6. Dancing Fountain
  7. Silicon Valley Pakistan
  8. IT Tower and Media City
  9. Educational Institute
  10. Mosque
  11. Healthcare
Capital Smart City Financial Square

Financial Square

Financial Square is going to be the biggest financial centre in the region. Pakistan and Qatar Financial Centres and CPEC Tower, being a part of it, are going to bring huge trade and business opportunities. It is only five minutes away from Islamabad International Airport and has two BRT stations. Designated Rotary Pedestrian Bridge provides a safe and secure movement for pedestrians. Its architecture is punctuated with greenery, public places and a mall to provide leisure to the Financial Square.

  1. Pakistan Financial Centre
  2. Qatar Financial Centre
  3. 4 Star Hotel
  4. CPEC Tower
  5. Mega Mall and Leisure
  6. Mixed-use Apartments / Offices / Retail
  7. Apartments
  8. Parking Plaza
  9. Jamia Mosque
  10. Central Park
Capital Smart City Healthcare District

Healthcare District

Healthcare District is the centre for providing quality healthcare facilities. This area provides opportunities for individuals and corporations to advance their healthcare services and keep the community healthy. The purpose-built hospitals focus on the environment and the ease of treatment for the patients. The labs are one of its kinds being a symbol of technological advancement. The healthcare district is uplifted with various parks, food and beverage and retail areas.

  1. 750 Bed Teaching Hospital
  2. 500 Bed Hospital
  3. Laboratories
  4. 2 Star Hospital
  5. Mixed-Use Buildings
  6. Pavilion – Food and Beverage
  7. Green Park
  8. Designated Parking Area
Capital Smart City Education District

Education District

Education District is a part of Capital Smart City, dedicated to educational organizations. This particular area consists of institutions which impart quality education through the latest & innovative teaching methodologies. This district aims to bring supporting programs to teach different skills to the students at its vocational centre. As knowledge is not limited to age, thus, our design embarks on its significance as well. This area is also facilitated with a BRT system, provided with sports facilities and parks to spend your leisure time.

  1. School
  2. Play Grounds
  3. University
  4. Vocational Institute
  5. Research Facility
  6. Library
  7. Museum
  8. Gallery

Capital Smart City Lake View

Lake View Terrace

Lake View Terrace is the most celebrated area of Capital Smart City. It offers picturesque views as it exists at the waterfront. It is an exotic place, situated with serene and calm walks, lovely boat rides, refreshing lake-side cafes, beautiful views and amazing vistas. Its location makes it easily accessible for the residents and the visitors to experience the environment. To bring you soothing sensations, you can also enjoy dawn and dusk at the residence in this area.

  1. Villas
  2. Apartment Villas
  3. Terraced Apartments
  4. Spa
  5. Community Club
  6. Floating Restaurant
  7. Lakeside Walk
  8. Walking Track
  9. Yacht Club
  10. Mosque
Capital Smart City The Terraces

The Terraces

The Terraces is retail, hospitality, entertainment and leisure area. Situated beside the lake, adds value to the character of the atmosphere of the terraces. It is truly an integrated area situated beside ‘Capital Hills’, envisioned to be the destination for fine dining, restaurants, coffee shops and street-style food stalls. The lake covers the area from three sides with a lively environment of hospitality and leisure, creating a mesmerizing experience.

  1. Specialized Retail Outlets
  2. Fine Dining Restaurants
  3. Coffee Shops
  4. Food Outlets
  5. Street Food Stalls
  6. Park
  7. Sales Gallery
  8. Palladian Residence
Capital Smart City Capital Hills

Capital Hills

Capital Hills is the extravagant zone of CSC. A serene area of the city where people come to rejoice. It is the community gathering node as it has attractions like Golf Course and Equestrian Club. It possesses the most beautiful land development style comprising buildings and the landscape. Villas are placed in a tranquil landscape and designed to the highest quality. Islamabad’s first true Hills-Style PGA Standard Signature Golf Course, which sits on the contoured terrain, provides a challenge for golfers.

  • Villas
  • 2 Townhouses
  • 3 Apartments
  • 4 Banquet Hall
  • 5 Club House
  • 6 18-Hole PGA Standard Signature Golf Course
  • 7 Souk
  • 8 Mosque
  • 9 Clinic
  • 10 School
  • 11 Green Areas
Capital Smart City Overseas Block

Overseas District 1

Overseas Block is a part of Capital Smart City which presents a regional class destination for visitors as well as the residents. It is beside Financial Square so it acts as an attraction catalyst for business and economic activity. To complement the need for CSC, it is developed into a wide range of residential options offering designs that bring harmony to the city. Residents are offered with retail, hospitality and leisure.

  1. Villas
  2. Residential Plots
  3. Trivelles Smart Villas
  4. Hospitality
  5. Retail Outlets
  6. Food and Beverage Area
  7. Education Facilities
  8. Mosque
  9. Linear Park
  10. Harmony Apartments
  11. One Capital Apartments Projects
Capital Smart City Executive Block

Executive Block

Executive Block is a top-class development, overlooking the Khairi Murat reserve forest. It features harmony with selected Villas and residences. These stylish residences are made with different architectural designs varying from 5 Marla(125 Sq.Yd.) to 2 Kanal(1000 Sq.Yd.) units. A safe and secure area for families provided with 24-hours security and maintenance services. This area is going to be one of the most desired areas for residence with a thriving lifestyle consisting of friendly environment, amenities, retail, F&B, healthcare and education facilities.

  1. Villas
  2. Residences
  3. Education
  4. Mosque
  5. Clinic
  6. Linear Park
  7. Passive Green Areas
  8. Walking, Jogging and Cycling Tracks
  9. Retail Pavilions
Capital Smart City Hills View Heights

Hills View Heights

Hills View Heights is a large development in Capital Smart City consisting of residential towers adjacent to M2 motorway. This area by its name celebrates the beauty of nature by having the buildings facing the hills. This is a great place for work and living, together with leisure and recreation through retail, dining and outdoor activities. It is well-connected with CSC through BRT System and equipped with generous amenity spaces.

  1. Residential Towers
  2. Food and Beverage Area
  3. Retail Pavilions
  4. Mosque
  5. Green Areas
  6. Sector Park
Capital Smart City Cultural District

Cultural District

Cultural District is a unique area in Capital Smart City. It stands as one of the tourist attractions in the city by carefully preserving the village culture and traditions for the growth of tourism. The display of culture will create an ambience like no other place. It is supported by the Mughal inspired residences, food and beverage areas. The lively community creates neighborhood living with landscaped parks.

  1. Model Village
  2. Residential Area
  3. Food and Beverage Area
  4. Education
  5. Mosque
  6. Park
Capital Smart City Sports District

Sports District

Sports District is an international standard sports zone with multi-purpose facilities. It provides a blend of residence, leisure, sports and entertainment platforms while establishing a unique community. It is designed keeping in consideration major sports venues with iconic stadiums. It also features international standard sports academy and sports-themed retail pavilion. This area consists of different residential opportunities ranging from apartments to villas intermingling with flowing streams and nature.

  1. Official Sports Academy
  2. ICC Standard Cricket Stadium
  3. Olympic Stadium
  4. Indoor Arena
  5. F2 Race Track and Motocross Track
  6. Pavilion – Food and Beverage
  7. Sports Retail
  8. Apartments
  9. Villas
  10. Green Area
  11. Amusement Park

Capital Smart City Map

Capital Smart City Master Plan
Capital Smart City Master Plan

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