I would like to bring to notice of the President, PM and Chief justice of Pakistan, plight of citizens who have been denied their right to get plots in Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad awarded to them in 1989. In a rare balloting of plots located in Islamabad D12 and E12 the CDA on 31 August 1989 announced results for successful members of general public. Even after lapse of over 22 years, the beneficiaries of CDA E12 scheme have not been handed over their plots, nor has any development been carried out there, although hundreds have expired.

People pay taxes so that the state acts as guardian and custodian of funds to cater for welfare of citizens, not for exclusive welfare of paid civil bureaucracy, the khaki establishment or politically important sections or groups. Hundreds of those who placed confidence in elected civil government headed by Benazir Bhutto submitted applications in the hope that they may be able to get a plot in Islamabad. Since then several schemes have been launched in Islamabad for the elite, or powerful groups such as politicians, judges, lawyers, members of uniformed services etc and even schemes by powerful land mafia, developed and handed over to their owners.

However since the applicants for E12 were members of lower middle class general public who had applied for plots measuring 111, 139,200,272, 356 sq-yards, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Many have died waiting in the hope that justice may be done to them in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Since 1989 many elected governments, caretaker set-ups and a military junta have come and gone, but pleas for justice have been ignored by CDA, which has become a welfare organization for few, instead of serving tax payers, who pay for their salaries.