LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that the four units of Pakistan are like a body, stressing the need for the provinces to share their joys, sufferings and resources with each other.

The chief minister said that the country could make progress only when all its provinces became prosperous. He said that Balochistan was an important province of the country, vowing to continue playing their role for its development and prosperity. He announced that whenever any member of Balochistan Assembly visited Punjab, he would be treated as an official guest.

He was talking to a delegation of Balochistan woman parliamentarians, led by Balochistan Prosecution Minister Raheela Hameed Durrani, at CM’s Secretariat here on Wednesday.

Welcoming the Balochistan women MPs, the CM said that Balochistan was an important province of Pakistan, praying for its development and prosperity. He said it was a good omen that the reserves of gold and bronze were identified in Balochistan and utilization of the resources would usher in a new era of prosperity of the province. He said the promotion of national solidarity was need of the hour for resolution of problems facing the country and we would have to display the same spirit for resolution of all problems as had been demonstrated during the NFC Award. He said that Punjab had demonstrated spirit of sacrifice for unanimous approval of the NFC Award and it was the only province which had sacrificed 11 billion rupees of its share.

He said that the Punjab government was setting up the latest cardiology hospital in Quetta whereas students of Balochistan would be given admission in the prestigious institutions of the province, adding that the number of seats of the students would also be increased. He said it would result in increasing love and promotion of national solidarity between the provinces. We would continue to extend maximum cooperation for the development and prosperity of Balochi brethren.

The CM announced that two-kanal land had been reserved for construction of Balochistan House in Lahore. Meeting with MPs: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said establishment of peace and solution to public problems are our obligations and we will have to take measures in this regard in the coming two years.

He was addressing the parliamentarians belonging to Gujranwala and Rawalpindi divisions at Chief Minister’s Secretariat here on Wednesday. Expressing views regarding political situation of the country, he said unanimous decision of disassociation from the PPP was taken in the party meeting held in Islamabad on February 25. Mian Nawaz Sharif supported the democratic system with great patience during the last three years and also faced criticism of “friendly opposition” and that we were supporting the corruption, plundering and injustice under the garb of supporting the system. He said the mega scandals also surfaced during last three years and the elements involved in the scandals were protected. He said Hujjaj were looted and scams like the National Insurance Company also came to surface, he said, adding that 10-point agenda for elimination of corruption, strengthening of democratic system and resolution to public problems but the agenda was not implemented.

The CM said the democratic and martial law governments did not come up to the expectations of the masses during the last 63 years but there could not be two opinions that the performance of democratic eras remained better than the dictatorial regimes. The country was disintegrated during the martial law and the system was ruined, he said.