Sindh Home Department to introduce NCWP

KARACHI: Sindh Home Department is all set to introduce the Neighbourhood Crime Watch Programme (NCWP) in different areas of the city in phases to meet the safety and security needs of the people.

Sindh Home, Prisons and Forest Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza was informed at a comprehensive working paper, seeking formal approval to lunch the programme.

Consultant on Home Affairs Sharfuddin Memon prepared the working paper after holding a meeting with a delegation of the Community Watch (CW), a group of individuals/residents of Defense Housing Authority (DHA).

Abudul Aziz Suherwrdy, representing the Clifton Cantonment Board, headed the 7-member delegation. Memon observed that primarily the NCWP would be introduced in some localities of Defence/Clifton areas in collaborative partnership between CW and police. He added that the same programme would be extended shortly to cover entire Defence and Clifton areas after due consultation with the Clifton Cantonment Board, DHA and society of defence residents.

“The programme is based on the notion that the community interaction and support could help control crime and reduce fear, with community members helping to identify suspect, bring problems to the attention of the police or otherwise target the social issues which give rise to a crime problem in first place,” he said.

Consultant on home affairs also spelled out the aims and objectives of NCWP and said that the goal of the programme was to prevent crime through neighborhood security by heightening the community’s power of observation and encouraging mutual assistance and concern among neighbors.

“It basically aims to help people of improved home security, operator vigilance, accurate and timely reporting of suspicious incidents to the police and by fostering community spirit,” he added.

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