LAHORE,July 11 (APP): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Monday said teachers are the architects of future generation and have a great responsibility towards education as well as character building of students. Prime Minister was talking at his DHA residence here to Prof. R.A. Khan who was his English teacher at Government College in 1974. PM Gilani said the present government has significantly been focused while framing the Educational Policy, which would not only provide incentives to teachers but also help improve the sacred profession of teaching. He said the provincial government needs to pay special attention to the welfare of the teachers.

During the meeting, Prime Minister recalled having saved the Character Certificate given by Prof. R.A. Khan in his own hand-writing,saying that document was his “precious asset”.

Premier recalled the exact words written by his teacher that he was a good organizer and worked in a systematic manner.

Earlier,the Prime Minister personally received Prof. R.A. Khan and his family at the main gate of his house. He inquired about his health and well being.

Prof.R.A. Khan was delighted to see his old student and said, “The little I remember of him, he was a quiet student focused on his studies, and used to dress well and was very friendly with his class mates.” Prof Khan said that it is a matter of great pride for him that one of his students is now the Chief Executive of the country.
The Prime Minister announced Rs one million as special assistance for Prof. R.Khan and his family.

It may be stated here that Prof. R.A. Khan migrated from Mumbai to Pakistan in 1947 to join Government College Lahore, as a student when Ahmad Shah Bokhari (Patras Bokhari) was the GC Principal. Later, Prof. R.A. Khan joined Government College as an English Lecturer in 1958, and retired in 1991. He is now 81, has a wife and two children (a son and a daughter).