Islamabad—Capital Development Authority (CDA) will start demolishing illegal structures on the banks of nullahs from Monday to save slum dwellers from any emergency situation during monsoon season. The Authority issued notices last week giving a time period of one week to the slum dwellers, who had built houses closed to the nullahs flowing through different areas of the Capital city, to demolish these illegal structures and houses at their own, CDA Spokesman, Ramzan Sajid told subscriber.

Over 100 extensions of ‘Katchi Abadis’ have been demolished on voluntary basis and the authority extended its services to the slum dwellers for the purpose, he said.

However, the deadline of notices issued by CDA has ended today (Sunday) and now CDA would start demolishing all illegal structures formally from Monday. He said a detailed survey of the city was conducted to identify vulnerable points with regard to the monsoon flood season and a comprehensive plans has been formulated to cope with the emergency situation promptly.

The authority has identified 28 vulnerable points during the survey and Chairman CDA, Imtiaz Inayat Elahi during his visit last Sunday, apprised the slum dwellers particularly residing in the Katchi Abadis in Sector G-7/1, G-7/2, G-7/3, G-8/1, F-7/4 and F-6 3 to demolish illegal structures.

Ramzan said the concerned formations of the authority is taking immediate and concrete measures for improving the situation expediting the process of cleaning of nullahs for the smooth flow of rain water.

The Authority has also published a public notice for the information of the general public to remove all illegal sewerage and drainage connections in streets or nullahs immediately.

These illegal connections have a risk of back-flow during the monsoon season. All the stakeholders have also been warned to strictly follow the rules and regulations and connect the sewerage and drainage lines of the houses and buildings with CDA mains.