LAHORE: Unscheduled load shedding has disturbed the Lahoris’ life and some even say that they have become psychological patients. “I missed my favourite TV shows because of the unscheduled load shedding,” said Sana Jamil, a Model Town resident. Mrs Anwar, a DHA S-Block resident, said that due to frequent load shedding the fridge did not work and there was no cold water to drink. Sana Younus, another Model Town resident, said, “My child is very disturbed because of the heat and no light. He cries at night and my husband cannot sleep and gets late for the office every day.” Shadman resident Nadeem Ahmed, a student of BSc Economics, said, “I am fed up of this load shedding, scheduled or unscheduled. The power always goes out in the middle of work, especially when one uses the internet, all the hard work goes down the drain.” staff report

Source: Daily Times