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As we know that DHA Lahore Phase 9 ballot has been done as on 15th of May 2015. Overall map is good as expected with some deficiencies. However DHA Management put its best efforts to make the best map at time, hope fully litigation areas will be clear soon with the passage of time.

DHA Prism 9 has 17 Sectors in total, out of which 4 Sectors A, P, C, D are top of the line Sectors within Prism 9. It does not mean that other Sectors are bad but locations of few Sectors are not good in terms of living. Specially areas near like Hudiara Drain and usually facing village and grave yards.

Number of total plots balloted are as under:

Commercial Plots:

  • 4-Marla 122 Plots
  • 8-Marla 109 Plots

Residential Plots:

  • 1-Kanal 10102 Plots
  • 10-Marla 1343 Plots
  • 5-Marla 6252 Plots

Total Residential Plots: 17697
Total Commercial Plots: 231

The number plot shows that it is one of the biggest phase of DHA Lahore and there are affidavit files in market which will be balloted later, it mean more plots will be added in near future in DHA Phase 9 Prism which will make it the more bigger then now. Highest number of plots are of 1 Kanal then 5 Marla and least are of 10 Marla plots. It mean that demand for 10 Marla plots price appreciation will be more in 10 Marla category as they are few in numbers. There will be more number of buyers in market for 10 Marla vs 1 Kanal in terms of Supply.

eProperty highly recommends to invest in DHA Phase 9 Prism 10 Marla plots for short as well as long term gain. This recommendation is only in comparison of number of Supply for other plot sizes.

In commercial 8 Marla plots are recommended for investments.

These recommendations are made purely on our personal research and experience, others opinion may differ in this regards. Stake holders are requested to check the market before making any buying or selling decisions.

If you have a plot in DHA Phase 9 Prism Lahore and want to asses your plot current market value or buy or sell follow the link below and comment there, our expert will reply you as soon as possible.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Plots & Houses for Sale


  1. Hi Experts,
    can anyone explain if i am selling my 1 Kanal plot in DHA phase 9. How much tax i need to pay? for example if i have offer of 10000000/- or 1 crore

    • Dear Asad Bhai,

      1-if you are selling after 3 yeas, there is no advance tax on sale
      2- if you are selling within 3 years, then you have to pay 1% advance tax on sale in case of filler and 2% advance tax on sale if case of non filler

      Advance tax on sale will be calculated on FBR value of Phase 9 i.e. 45 lacs

  2. M. Farhan

    on   said 

    Dear I have two plots in dha 9 prism block h 637 and block n1032 I just want the lastest value and the best replacement advise


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