LAHORE: Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has said that the ‘Ashiyana’ Housing Scheme will prove to be another scam of the Punjab government. He said this while talking to journalists after the prize distribution ceremony of 27th Governor’s Golf Cup tournament here on Sunday Accusing the Punjab government of exploiting the poor masses, Taseer said Rs 900 was being ‘extorted’ from the needy in the name of “Ashiyana” scheme, which was tantamount to robbing people.

The Punjab governor said that those who mutilated the constitution in the past were claiming to be the champions of democracy and constitution today. He urged the politicians to promote the culture of political tolerance with hatred towards none.

“I’ve been targeted by the political opponents. Rest assured, my critics, I am here to stay as Punjab governor”, Taseer said that only 3,000 houses were being offered to the poor.

The Punjab governor would not answer the question regarding the closure of 26 petrol pumps in the provincial metropolis. He said that he would continue to speak out against the Punjab government’s anti-people polices. Earlier, the Punjab governor gave away prizes among the winners of the golf tournament.

Source: Pakistan Today