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  1. sana

    on   said 

    i want 03 Marla residential home m.v 5.50 (M), DC rate round 1.000 M. i m filer. how much expense in lieu of tax i have to bear. if i pay 5.5 (M) to seller. please guid

  2. Adnan Jabbar

    on   said 

    Dear Atif bhai,
    Assallam Allykum.

    Please advise me in regards to new property taxes on vacant plots. How much percentages are the taxes on vacant plots? Is that taxes are on only plots worth more than 30 lacs or on all plots. I’m living overseas. We overseas are exempted from any tax or are applicable equally like wise.

    Kind Regards,
    Adnan Jabbar

    • Dear Adnan Jabbar Bhai,

      There is a proposal to apply Tax on Vacant plots, Govt. want to discourage the holder who have just hold plots from years and are not constructing house and also not selling it so some one else can build house on it. In other words they are discouraging investors. However they want to promote the actual buying selling for real need rather then investment only. It is proposed to charges 1000 per Malra per year for Vacant Plots more then two years. It is just like Non Construction charges already charged Societies or Authorities like LDA & DHA etc. You can say that Govt. is also going to charge such non construction charges in other words. I think there will be no such exemption for Overseas as well.


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