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Asset declarations 2010: Punjab MPAs richer than Sindh’s

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is 40 times richer than Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah with declared value of assets of members of the provincial assemblies in the country and abroad.

Shahbaz Sharif has declared his assets of Rs 489.64 million while Qaim Ali Shah owned assets of only Rs12 million. The statements of assets and liabilities for year 2010 submitted to the election commission by members of the Punjab Assembly and Sindh Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif has declared the total value of his four properties in United Kingdom at Rs 175.6 million. His assets in Pakistan include property in Murree worth Rs 16.60 million and agricultural property worth Rs 6.9 million. He has shown his total investment in sugar, textile and paper mills at Rs 20.85 million. He owns a gifted land cruiser valuing Rs 20.81 million. He has secured mortgages amounting to Rs 146.25 million and liabilities to the family of a little over Rs six million. He has Rs 5.75 million in his bank account. His wife Nusrat Shahbaz Sharif and Tehmina Durrani own non agricultural property valuing Rs 258 million.

Speaker Sindh Assembly Nisar Khuhro with assets of Rs30 million is richer than Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Iqbal who has assets value Rs 30 million. While Rana has more land of 698 kanals agri land worth Rs 5732400. Prime Minister Yousuaf Raza Gilani’s son Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani having assets of Rs 141 million is poor than former Chief Minister Punjab Pervaiz Elahi’s Moonis Elahi who has assets of value Rs280 million with purchased property at unspecified time for Rs 128.67 million.

Gilani’s son has put the value of his house in DHA Lahore at Rs 32.50 million. He owns agricultural land measuring over 118 acres, the value of which has been shown as Rs 3.94 million. He owns a bullet proof vehicle worth Rs 12.80 million and another car valuing Rs 2.2 million.

While Elahi’s son did not include the value of agricultural land at kot Mela Ram Lahore received as a ‘gift’. He holds shares of various companies worth Rs 144 million. Former Punjab Governor and a close confidant of Chief Minister Shahbazharif Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa owning assets of Rs50 million is poor than his son Dost Muhammad Khosa who has assets of Rs91 million. Zulfikar owns inherited property of 298 kanals land in DG Khan.

Premier Gilani’s brother Mujtaba Gilani is 8 times poor than his nephew Qadir Gilani with Rs15 million including 23 acres of agriculture land worth Rs 46,00,000, 200 kanals agri land worth Rs 625000. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah with assets of Rs70 million is 8 time richer than Former Home Minister Sindh Zulfiqar Mirza who has his personal assets of Rs5 million only. Mirza’s wife and son has assets of around Rs80 million.

Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly Syeda Shehla Raza with assets value Rs3.3 million is seven time poor than Deputy Speaker Punjab Rana Mashhood. Mashood has three insurance policies of Rs1600 million as well. Faizal sabzwari Rs1 million is poorest member provincial assembly in Sindh with assets value Rs1 million. Sheikh Allauddin seemed to be richest person in Punjab with total assets worth Rs 1.10 billion while his Ashraf Chohan – a PML-N lawmaker is not far behind with assets worth Rs 970 million in and outside Pakistan. He owns a house and a hospital in United Kingdom valuing Rs 700 million.

MPA Noman has total assets worth Rs 484.9 million which includes inherited property valuing Rs 389.45 million. Tariq Mahmood Bajwa has assets of Rs 107.25 million including a flour mill worth Rs 75 million. The value of 35 acres of agricultural land has been shown as 20 million and that of a house at Sangla hill at Rs 10.5 million. PML-Q parliamentary leader in Punjab Assembly Ch. Zaheeruddin has total assets worth Rs 121465799 including immovable assets of Rs 105181500 and immovable items of Rs 16284299.

Humaira Awais Shahid and Sqlain Anwar did not show their property.

Asset declarations 2010: Punjab MPAs richer than Sindh’s
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Asset declarations 2010: Punjab MPAs richer than Sindh’s
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