It seems at last the balloon of Bahria Town is getting punctured and the house of cards is crumbling.The anti corruption unit has submitted its report to the Supreme Court and the report says that the Malik Riaz Hussain and his son Ali Riaz is involved in the land scandal and the whole project of Bahria Town is a scam.

The report says that 1401 acre land was acquired through fake documents in Rawalpindi by Malik Riaz and his son Ali with the help of Qabza group.

Bahria Town with its many phases outside Rawalpindi and Islamabad near Rawat and then the project of DHA Valley and then the Bahria Enclave Islamabad, and then Bahria Towns in Karachi and Lahore are under extreme pressure now and residents are worried as the gang of Malik Riaz is under threat.

Adnan Bashir Kayani, Patwari Muhammad Rizwan, Nazeer Hussain Shah, and Col. Retired Akhtar are the main frontmen of Malik Riaz.