LAHORE – Residents of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) faced issues when the administration of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) denied the entrance of vehicles without parking stickers on Thursday. Students parked their cars in front of various houses in the vicinity of LUMS. More than 100 cars were parked in a residential area, which not only disturbed the residents but also caused commuters inconvenience. DHA Lahore U-block residents said that they were facing consequences of LUMS students and the LUMS administration’s negligence. Residents complained that both DHA and LUMS enjoyed high-quality standards but their negligence over this issue could prove to be quite frustrating for residents.

Students also faced difficulty, as they had to park their vehicles outside the university and walk a long way to reach their classes. The residents of DHA have been facing issues commuting because of the traffic issues outside LUMS. LUMS Security Head Amir Khan told Pakistan Today that the LUMS management had informed students three months ago to get their entrance stickers updated. He denied that residents faced difficulties and said that students were not allowed to park their cars in front of houses. Owing to the prevailing security issues, the university was forced to ensure strict security measures in order to provide a risk-free environment to students, he added. Amir said that the deadline was extended thrice for students’ convenience but they failed to comply.

LUMS security official Khalid Butt said that 80 percent of freshmen got stickers, while others would get them soon. He said that Thursday was the last date to get the stickers. He rejected reports of disturbances faced by residents and said that guards were ensuring smooth traffic outside the campus. DHA Public Relations Officer (PRO) Tajmmul said that he did not get any complaint about the issue but guards would be sent to facilitate residents if such a situation arose. DHA resident Asad said that he was facing difficulties while reaching home as the U-block streets were blocked due to the LUMS traffic. He said hundreds of cars were parked outside LUMS and were hindering traffic while DHA was silent over the issue. Asad said that the situation worsened when a function or a ceremony took place in the university. Another resident, Fareeha, said that long cues of cars created a mess which disturbed the traffic flow and the issue should be resolved soon. She said that people would avoid buying houses near LUMS due to parking issues.