Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is yet to fulfil its commitment to build a monument to pay tributes to victims of Air Blue plane crash in Islamabad.

After the clearance operation in which the CDA also took part actively, the CDA chairman had announced to construct a monument on Margalla Hills to pay tribute to the victims. Later, it was decided that a Martyrs’ Wall would be raised in collaboration with Air Blue to be inscribed with names of all martyrs.

The announcement was made by the CDA chairman addressing a prayer gathering in memory of the martyrs organised by members of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan and CDA at Daman-e-Koh.

But one year has passed, the CDA has made no headway in construction of the wall.

“So far no progress could take place on the project. We had also received a letter from the Youth Parliament reminding the CDA of its commitment. The incident is still alive in our memory and the promise would be fulfilled,” said CDA Spokesman Ramzan Sajid.

He said that the CDA would raise the wall in collaboration with Air Blue. The CDA would land for the purpose.

An official of the Air Blue told APP that the airline would construct the monument in memory of the air crash victims.