DHA Lahore open booking for  Defence Raya Golf Resort Phase III. Booking includes 1, 2 Kanal Villas and 8, 10 Marla commercial plazas. Booking offered on key turn basis (progressive payment plan).

For booking and details…

Terms & Conditions
a. Cash /PO /DD in favor of “Defence Raya Ballot” will be deposited with any branch of Askari Bank Ltd.

b. All applicants will attach one passport size photograph and two photocopies of computerized National Identity Card / Overseas National Identity Card.

c. Acceptance of applications is subject to approval by DRGCC. DRGCC may accept or reject any application without assigning any reason for all categories.

d. Successful applicants will be required to fulfill requirements of registration with DRGCC for each allotted Villa/Commercial Plaza.

e. The applicant is bound to comply with all relevant bye laws and regulations of allotment / purchase of immovable property in DRGCC

f. An applicant can apply for any number of Villa/Commercial Plaza subject to payment of application fees for each Villa/Commercial Plaza separately.

  1. Submission of applications in Banks / DRGCC Y Block Office during Office hours (by hand or through courier) from 09 May, 2016 till 23 May, 2016 (last date of submission).
  2. Balloting will be held on 21 June, 2016.

  3. Ballot result will be announced on DRGCC Website on 23 June, 2016. The Website announcement will be considered as official notification.

  4. Intimation to successful applicants will be dispatched by official letter from DRGCC on 27 June, 2016.

  5. Refundable amount of Application Fee in respect to successful applicant shall be adjusted in the 5% booking amount.

  6. The allotment of Villa/Commercial Plaza to successful applicants will be subject to payment of 5% (as a booking amount) of total sales price to be paid within 14 days of ballot result announced on DRGCC Website and another 15 % (remaining down payment) in next 14 days, failing to pay either of the above amounts the allotment shall be treated as cancelled and 50% of refundable amount will be forfeited. And applicant would be dis entitle from claiming any right in the Property (Villa/Commercial Plaza).

  7. List of Villa/Commercial Plaza along with offer prices and location plan are annexed to this application form.

  8. Balance amount of Villa/Commercial Plaza is payable as progressive payment plan annexed to this application form 20. 5% discount will be offered on full lump sum payment of the Villa/ Commercial Plaza Sales Price by successful applicants within 14 days of ballot result.

  9. Instructions on Submission of Application:
    a. Applications will be received by all branches of Askari Bank Ltd from 09 May, 2016 till 23 May, 2016.

b. Amount required to be paid along with each application is as under:

Defence Raya Phase III Booking Price

Defence Raya Phase III Booking Price

  1. Notes:
    a. Incomplete / Damaged forms will not be accepted.
    b. Application Form without payment of specified amount or incorrect amount will not be
    c. Application Form, Price List, Location Plan, Payment Plan and Brochures will be
    available on DHA and DRGCC Web Portal i.e. www.dhalahore.org and
    d. Application form should be printed on legal size paper (8.5” x 13.0”)