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DHA Peshawar Latest Development 1-05-2019

Since among all DHAs, DHA Peshawar has the highest return rate. Development work for Sector A, B & C is going at fast pace. DHA Peshawar is committed to make it livable till end of 2019. DHA Peshawar Main Gate is now ready and recently inauguration ceremony held for Main Gate.

DHA Peshawar Latest Development 1-05-2019
DHA Peshawar Latest Development 1-05-2019
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DHA Peshawar Latest Development 1-05-2019

36 thoughts on “DHA Peshawar Latest Development 1-05-2019

    1. Dear Akhtar Bhai,

      It has potential and recommend to apply if you can pay installment and development charges to wait till possession.

  1. Salam Atif Bhai. Is there any news about start of development in Sector C extn? What are the prospects of sector C extn in mid term to long term (1 to 3 years).

  2. Dear Atif bhai

    I saw news somewhere that some section of Dha sector B is disputed. Do you have update on this. Are there any chances of plots being relocated. The prices of sector B have come down from couple of months ago. What are your expectations for prices of sector B. Do you recommend hold or sell.

    1. Dear Kamran Bhai,

      There are some disputed area and plots has been already shifted to other blocks. Please contact DHA Peshawar directly to get latest update.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I need you assistance please.
    I am an overseas Pakistani. I would like to buy a plot in DHA Peshawar but I don’t know about the procedure.
    Please advise.
    Best regards.

  4. Dear Atif Bhai,

    I am an overseas pakistani, i want to buy a plot in peshawar for construction, please give me your expert opinion.

    i can not choose between DHA and Reggi model town, i will do construction within 02 years, which is best option for me, my range is 05 marla plot.

    1. Dear Humayon Bhai,

      DHA Peshawar 5 Marla development work not started yet. If you need to construct home in next two year then Regi will be better choice.

  5. Salam sir. I need your sincere suggestion, i have 5 marla plot in Dha peshawar F sector, i was thinking of selling that plot nd want to buy kanal plot in dha Quetta. What do you say?? Is it right to do so??

  6. AOA Atif sb
    i was offered 19 own 24 days back, previous week 21 own and now 23 own for a 10 marla plot in H sector below 300 series. please apprise what is reason for market rise and is it better to sell it or HOLD..and Hold for how long please

    1. Dear Omer Bhai,

      Only reason is small size project with very limited supply. Although not too much demand in market as well. But due to very limited supply it is increasing. Better to hold it to enjoy better gain.

  7. sir what you suggest either invest in kanal(500 gahz) or in other sizes ( 5 , 10 marla).
    If kanal is best then what will be the best block for investment( shot time one to two years investment plan)

    1. Dear Muhammad Fayaz Bhai,

      The best investment is which suit you budget. However small investments are always ready to sell. For 1 Kanal Sec C ext is ideal.

      1. do you have office in peshawar or islamabad, if yes then address plz,
        what is rate in DHA peshawar 500ghz sector c ext?
        do you have any any reasonable price option in sec c ext? please share demand and pot number.

      2. Atif bhai, why do you suggest Sector C ext is ideal? I think the map of C extn is not yet released. Isn’t C extn just like Sector I or any other sector with out a map (for investment purposes).

  8. Atif bhai salam, really appreciate your valuable input and analysis. I have few questions:
    1. Is it the right time to invest in dha Peshawar ?
    2. Gain in plot prices specially 5 Marla after announcement of map
    3. Total price of 5 Marla

    1. Dear Zaim Bahi,

      Yes for living in Peshawar it is best buy
      Yes Gain is expected for 5 Marla till possession
      Currently asking is 28 to 31 lacs as per block

      1. Dear Atif Iqbal
        Assalam u Alaikum
        May you please let me know the expected date for construction on residential plot in DHA Peshawar?

        1. Dear Ikram Ullah Bhai,

          وعلیکم السلام ورحمت اللہ و برکاتہ

          DHA Peshawar has already given limited possession for few plots in Sector A.

  9. Asalaam a Atif bhai Asalaam a laikum.i m looking for files of 5 marla plots in Dha. Plx guide me as whome to contact n wat are the rates fr files.
    Thank you

    Wazirzada Moazam Hayat

  10. Assalamoalaikum Atif Bhaee
    U bought a 10 marla file in DHA peshawar with profit over 15 lacs…..now it is in H swctor….have paid 5 instalment as well….what are future prospects???? When map of the H sector is expected to lauched by DHA….what are currentnprofit rates for 10 marla files…

    1. Dear Sir,

      DHA Peshawar prices are still rising and moving upwards. It is better to hold it. Sector H map will be available soon, no official date announced by DHA yet for remaining maps.

  11. Dear Atif bahi,

    I am planning to buy a plot in DHA Peshawar. I am a non resident filer with FBR. I do not have any Pakistan source income. I have few of questions.

    1. Do i have to pay withholding tax on purchase even though the possession is still not granted.

    2. Is there any chance that the plot number will be changed? As i will have to pay premium price for corner plot near Main Boulevard.

    3. What is the current trend of prices going into next year after possession. Do we expect substantial increase in prices?



    1. Dear Kamran Bhai,

      1- You dont need to pay advance tax in purchase because DC / FBR value is below 40 lacs

      2- Well generally there is no chance for change of plot number but on technical basis DHA has right to change the plot number in public interest.

      3- Prices has took gain already but after possession we do expect increase in prices.

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