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DHA Bahawalpur AC for Online Submission of Development Charges

DHA Bahawalpur AC for Online Submission of Development Charges
DHA Bahawalpur AC for Online Submission of Development Charges

After making payment online, please email online payment slip at [email protected] with your Complete Name, ID Card Number, Your Postal Address, Your Property Reference Number and also your Plot number.

DHA Bahawalpur Plots for Sale +923111062111

DHA Bahawalpur Specialist: Rao Ali | Voice / WhatsApp: +923111062111 | UAN: +923111042111

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eProperty Projects in Pakistan

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Join eProperty Telegram Groups for Latest DHA Files Rate and News Update

31 thoughts on “DHA Bahawalpur Transfer Fee | Development Charges

  1. Salam, I want to sell 10 Marla plot. All installments till now (9 installments) have been paid.

  2. What is the rate of 8 Marla plot in DHA Bahawalpur Please tell and contact if require

  3. Atif Bhai

    What will be total cost of transferring 1 kenal instalment plot from son to mother under Hibba transfer?


  4. Aoa.i want to sell my 10 marla file.any one interested plz contact.All installment are paid till date

  5. Dear All, I want to sell my 01 Kanal plot, where i am original allotee (overseas) . All installments till date are paid.

      1. Atif I*qbal Saheb

        What will be the status of DHA Bahawalpur Villas balloting. will it be a good investment and how long it will to rise.
        Pls advise
        Thank you

        1. Dear Saeeduzzaman Bhai,

          Last date of booking is 4th March. Hope fully it will be in next 1 or month for ballot of applications. It will be a good investment for living.

  6. Hav Rafique bhai of dha BAHAWALPUR office , Please send may plot papers via TCS Ternol

  7. DHA Bahawalpur Membership Fee will be Revised form 1st of July

    DHA Bahawalpur affidavit Membership Fee – 37,080 after 1st of July it will be 51,250 and member ship fee for DHA Bahawalpur installment files of 10 Marla or Kanal is 22830. After 1st of July membership fee will be 37,000 for installment files.

    1. Dear Atif sb.,

      Anyone who purchases a file from the original allotee should have to pay these ~65000 in terms of Transfer Fee? Or any of these are already paid by the allotee at the time of allotment?

      1. Dear Umer Farooq Bhai,

        Any one who purchase a installment file from original allotee have to pay 62000 transfer fee and seller has to pay the 3000 Gain Tax is not tax payer.

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