DHA Gujranwala Transfer Fee


  1. Asalam o alacum, i want to ask about the 5 marlas files available in the market after 4th April Balloting,
    1) What is the transfer process of these files?
    2) If a person buy these files over own, what kind of security is must before purchasing? An affidavit alone will be enough or not? Moreover, will DHA maintain the record of these files too which will be purchased at own?
    3) Is there any provision If one pays all amount at the time of first installment for transfer of the file in his name?

    • Dear Wali Ullah Bhai,

      DHA usually open transfer after receiving down payment and membership fee. DHA is not responsible for any deal made out side DHA. Only DHA transfer is acceptable. DHA do not maintain any record for such transactions. Usually DHA offer discount for full payment, one need to check from DHA Gujranwala if they are offering any discount for lump sum payment.

  2. Thank you Atif bhai, now I know DHA Gujranwala is the one to invest further, InshaAllah in Dec when I will come to Pakistan.

  3. Atif Bhai, Assalam o Alaikum,
    I want to do 30-35lac investment in a safe project, which one do you recommend? DHA Bwp or DHA Guj? Or any other e.g. DHA Peshawar?

  4. Arif

    on   said 

    Dear Atif Bhai, AOA,
    DHA Gujranwala rate link is probably broken. May I know what is the current rate of 10 marla and 1 kanal file?

  5. bab

    on   said 

    what are the total cost of 1 kanal file of gujranwala including all cost i.e. transfer fee, membership fee any other cost if any please


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