Islamabad Traffic Police (ITA) has proposed to CDA to further extend 7th avenue upto Murree road with a flyover at the Kashmir Highway covering Soharwardy road.

A formal proposal has been sent to the CDA Chairman by the Senior Superintendent of ITA Zubair Hashmi. The SSP said the construction of 7th avenue was planned to reduce the traffic load on the blue area. He said the present road ends on Soharwardy road with an addition of a traffic signal on that road.

“It would be useful initiative because it will convert 7th Avenue into a major artery road entering in Islamabad, parallel to Islamabad Highway and Constitution Avenue,” the SSP told to the journalists.

Across the Soharwardy Avenue, Kashmir Highway and along present garden road, it requires only two kilometers of extension and will link the city with Murree road. This proposed will reveal the true potential of 7th Avenue, he maintained.

Source:  APP