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CBD Lahore Master Plan

About Gwadar City

Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The city is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, approximately 700 kilometers to the west of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. In April 2015, Pakistan and China announced their intention to develop the $46 billion China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which in turn forms part of China’s ambitious One Belt, One Road. Gwadar features heavily in CPEC, and is also envisaged to be the link between the One Belt, One Road and Maritime Silk Road project. $1.153 billion worth of infrastructure projects will be invested into the city as part of CPEC, with the aim of linking northern Pakistan and western China to the deep water seaport. The city will also be the site of a floating liquefied natural gas facility that will be built as part of the larger $2.5 billion Gwadar-Nawabshah segment of the Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline project. In addition to investments directly under the aegis of CPEC in Gwadar city, the China Overseas Port Holding Company in June 2016 began construction on the $2 billion Gwadar Special Economic Zone, which is being modelled on the lines of the Special Economic Zones of China.

Sangar Gwadar
New Town Gwadar
New Town Gwadar
Gwadar Civic Center FTBA Gwadar
FTBA Gwadar
GIEDA Main Gate Gwadar
GIEDA Gwadar
Naval Anchorage Map Render
Naval Anchorage Gwadar

Upcoming Updates:

  • Construction of East-Bay Expressway, Gwadar Port
  • Construction of Breakwaters, Gwadar Port
  • Dredging of Berthing Areas & Channels, Gwadar Port
  • Pak-China Technical & Vocational Institute
  • Infrastructure Development for Free Zone & EPZs, Gwadar
  • Necessary Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply
  • China-Pakistan Friendship Hospital (Up-gradation of existing 50 bedded hospital
  • Coal-based Power Plant at Gwadar
  • Construction of Gwadar International Airport

Gwadar Latest Development Videos

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152 thoughts on “Gwadar Properties

  1. Sir some one from Ali Green group (Asia heights) Mr kosar and his partner Seyad shah Abbas,give me 2 acres land on coastal highway, in 2005 ,i was pay them ,It was My investment for my future.but now i need to sell my plots,i am shocked ,no any-plots there by my name ,i am very tense ,please help me if you have to do something for me

  2. Night landing system to be installed at Gwadar Airport

    Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) will install night landing system at Gwadar International Airport. According to details, the directives to install night landing system at Gwadar International Airport were issued by Shahrukh Nusrat, Secretary Aviation/Director General, PCAA. He also directed the PCAA to make Saidu Shareef, Muzaffarabad, Chitral and Rawalakot Airports ready for flight operations.

    Moreover, he said that under New Aviation Policy 2019, the outreach of aviation services was being broadened in the country. It may be pointed out that the key objective of the recently-approved New Aviation Policy 2019 is to restore aviation sector by effectively regulating it and equally providing facilities to its stakeholders.

  3. PM Imran performed groundbreaking of new Gwadar Airport

    GWADAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Gwadar on 29th March, where he attended the international expo in the coastal city. Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao said that the premier has grace Gwadar Expo 2019, which was held on March 29, He also attended the ground breaking ceremony of new Gwadar International Airport.

    The airport is being hailed as Pakistan’s biggest airport, thus far.

    Moreover, it will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, Airbus, (A-300), Boeing (B-737) and Boeing (B-747) for domestic as well as international routes.

    Earlier in February, Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar had said that the groundbreaking of a number of Gwadar projects will be performed in March.

    Bakhtyar said the government attaches top priority to the development of Gwadar.

    “Groundbreaking of a number of projects including Gwadar power plant, New International Airport, vocational institute and hospital would be done in the coming few weeks,” the minister was quoted as saying in an official statement. “Similarly, Gwadar master plan would be finalised in the coming six weeks.”

  4. What are the future prospects of Muscat Center Gwadar. Its NOC is expired since long. There are also rumors that govt can claim their land by imposing Sec 4

  5. Gwadar Development Update

    GE2019 which is a ‘KEY TO GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES’ delivers you the vital platform to meet and communicate with foreign investors, buyers and international traders from many different parts of the world.

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  6. what about Ocean Marina Gwadar? you haven’t mentioned anything about this project by siddique-sons?
    please also suggest about this project.

    1. Dear Fazil Bhai,

      This project is located in Ankara Shumali, having 234 Acres of NOC. Currently only this information is available. We are waiting for further information by developer.

  7. ATIF bhai! How would you rate investing in naval anchorage gwadar at this point in time as the rates of files are quite low, or would you suggest any other option. What in your opinion is a minimum time line for any significant gain? Regards.

    1. Dear Ubed Bhai,

      At the moment Naval Anchorage Gwadar prices are very attractive. I will suggest to buy now and hold for next 3 years minimum to get handsome return, if other things remain the same. However whole Gwadar can see a sharp gain any time after New Master Plan and groundbreaking of New Gwadar International Airport.

      1. Dear Atif,
        Hope you had a nice new year start. Just wanted to get your advice official and non official.
        I am thinking of investing in Sangar Housing. My questions are;
        What would be the best option. if you think Sangar Gawdar is the best comparing to other investment in the country. Like DHA Multan, BWP. Gujra–n
        (1) 1.2 Kannal Residential or any other commercial plot?
        (2) or not
        Thank you

        1. Dear Fakhir Bhai,

          Gwadar is not a short term investment. Sangar is one of the best choice in Gwadar. If you have budget buy Residential or Commercial Plot in Sangar. You may also consider FTBA in Gwadar for commercial activity. Commercial activity in FTBA will be started right after Gwadar Master Plan.

          Following is location for FTBA Gwadar:

          DHA Multan, DHA Bahawalpur, DHA Gujranwala and DHA Peshawar will remain the most secure and safe investments.

  8. Govt puts all stakeholders on board for Gwadar Expressway completion in time

    ISLAMABAD: Senator Kauda Babar Wednesday said Gwadar Expressway would be completed with efficacy as the incumbent government has direct coordination with the Chinese companies implementing the project.

    Talking to APP, after convening a sub-committee of Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs he said earlier the development work on the project was at snail’s pace due to lack of interest of the former government towards the project.

    He said at present the government has maintained direct linkages with the Chinese companies and stakeholders involved in the development projects under China Pakistan Economic Corridor for swift completion of the projects in Balochistan.

    “All stakeholders are on board with better coordination and projects would be completed not in time rather with enhanced and efficient approach,” he remarked.

  9. Gwadar to have modern railway station

    Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Wednesday that Balochis­tan government had provided acres of required land for building a new modern railway station in Gwadar.

  10. Salam Atif bhai, i own some land in darbela shumali , i have been hearing some very disturbing stories about land being over taken without warning is this true? i was told to get my land demarcated to make it safe? can u pls tell me about the process of demarcation and costs involved?

    1. Dear Faraz Alamgir Bhai,

      It is recommended to get demarcation of your land. There are different rumors in the market. You need to contact DC Office Gwadar to verify the acquisition, if any. Cost of demarcation vary as per size of land. You have to ask seller to give you possession of land with demarcation.

  11. Mr. Atif,

    I strongly appreciate your efforts towards this cause. I have a couple of questions regarding property purchase in Gawadar. If you have any updates regarding Savaira City payment plan, kindly share with us. Secondly what is the best way to secure your property in Gawadar if you are an outsider? Since encroachment & land grabbing is very common in other cities of Pakistan & its not easy for outsiders to visit Gawadar frequently. Thanks

    1. Dear Nabeel Bhai,

      I agree about your reservation about property investment in Pakistan, you need to check about followings:

      NOC by GDA
      Brand Name
      On Ground Development Status

      I am not updated about Savaira City. You may contact us at our WhatsApp Hotline +923111042111

  12. Atif bhai Salam,,, can u advise us the current status of the canadian city gwadar,,, about his location & good for the investment and how far from the port….
    Jazak Allah

    1. Dear Wahid Imran Bhai,

      Canadian City Gwadar is almost 16 KM from New Town Monument. You may find several options which close to City area then Canadian City Gwadar. It will be a long term investment.

  13. Salaam Atif bhai
    I just need some Information
    Is there a society in Gwadar with the name of “China Pak Golf Estates” ?
    if it does, where would you rank it ? and has development started there ?
    or any usefull details about it please.

    1. Dear Hafiz Bhai,

      Yes there is a project name “China Pak Golf Estate” in Gwadar. It is new name of “Crown City Gwadar”. It is located at Mouza Chatti Shumali having NOC of 155 Acres. Its location is 5 KM from Green Palm on Main Coastal Highway towards Iran next to Sun Silver City. This is old location of Crown City. I am not sure if they have applied for changes of location as well.

    1. Salaam
      I just need some Information
      Is there a society in Gwadar with the name of “China Pak Golf Estates” ?

  14. Gwadar News Alert

    This is to inform you that as per Instructions by Deputy Commissioner / Project Director Gwadar, (special thank to CM Balochistan Mr. Jam Kamal) the transfer of following housing schemes will only be held at Gwadar office:

    1- Sangar Housing Project Gwadar
    2- New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar
    3- Maanbar Housing Scheme Pishukan, Gwadar
    4- Balochistan Employees Co-Operative Housing Society Gwadar

    All facilitation offices outside Gwadar are hereby close immediately, and will not entertain any queries / transfers to above mentiioned Housing Scheme.

  15. This is undoubtedly the best blog on Gwadar I have seen. EVER. Atif Iqbal, you have done a wonderful job. The beauty in someone’s work comes with passion and I believe that you are passionate about Gwadar as well. Please keep it up.

    Respect from Canada.

      1. Atif Iqbal bhai, I am looking for land in ormara and its surrounding area. I have exhausted internet search but can’t find any reputable real estate agent. Can you guide me? I am looking for land near zero point in Ormara.
        Also, if I want to find out who owns a particular piece of land that I am interested in, how do I find the owner?


        1. Dear Hammad Khan Bhai,

          Ormara is out of Gwadar Tehsil, it is located in Gwadar District. We do not have knowledge about Ormara. We can only assist you regarding Gwadar Tehsil Properties specific to Housing and Commercial projects. We are are not dealing with Open Land at the moment.

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