The total number of registered motor vehicles in Lahore in 2005 was 1.2 million as compared to 0.5 million in 1998. The number has doubled in a period of nine to ten years. The city of Lahore amongst all the five big cities of Punjab has the highest annual vehicles growth rate of 16 percent. Keeping in view the growth rate of 16 % the total number of vehicles in Lahore in 2009 is approximately 2.30 million. The present conditions of bus transport system cause extreme hardships and stress for the people of Lahore in the course of their day to day life. The Transport problems in Lahore are now being taken up very seriously by the Punjab Government. Numbers of studies conducted in the city for various mass transit initiatives; Bus Rapid Transit System. The BRT project in Lahore is the initiative of Chief Minister GoP in which environment friendly effective and efficient transport is to be introduced in the city of Lahore and will be extended to other major cities of Punjab. The primary aim of the govt. in pursuing this project is to control the transportation problems and to improve the road, traffic and environmental situation. LTC have defined two corridors Ferozepur Road line extending 28 km’s and Multan Road Line extending 12 km’s. The project will be implementing on Build-Operate-Transfer basis. Approximate cost of this project is Rs. 7.7 Billion.