LAHORE: Jashn-e-Baharan will be marked this year with cultural activities as the Punjab government has not reached a decision about lifting a ban on kite flying.

Home Secretary Nadeem Hassan Asif presided over a meeting at the Punjab Secretariat on Saturday. He said no decision regarding the lifting of the ban was taken. A source in the Home Department said kite flying was not allowed, however, Jashn-e-Baharan would be organised to welcome spring. He said sporting events, food festivals and cultural shows would be organised.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had sought a report on the arrangements for the event, but he had not given any orders regarding the ban, he said.

Basant: The Kite Flying Association general secretary told Daily Times that Basant would be celebrated on March 1. He said he had visited the offices of the district coordination office and the commissioner but they had not been available. He said the government should lift the ban, adding that many people earned a living by selling products related to kite flying and the festival of Basant.

Millions: Basant organiser Syed Zulfiqar said the event generated millions of rupees in revenue and projected a softer image of Pakistan. He said it would be sad if the event was eliminated and people were not allowed to fly kites.

Source: Daily Times