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Penta Square is a multipurpose complex, nestled in the heart of the bustling modern society of Lahore and centered between DHA, Lahore Cantt and Askari. Surrounded by the necessities of life that encompasses residences, retail shopping, an array of F&B outlets and corporate offices, this integrated development has direct access to the Ring Road, DHA Complex as well as the Airport. By introducing modern designs in construction of houses, infrastructure and essential associated facilities it has infused a new life in “Defence Living”, that is beautifully energetic, attractively vibrant and conveniently livable. Penta Square was initiated in 2011 with a mission to provide DHA’s rapidly expanding property market with tailored solution aimed at ensuring optimum returns for our client on their assets, as well as serving and providing spacious and luxurious living facility and modern day retail personalized as per the needs of the community. We are sharpening our strategy to be one of the world’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired project. Our goal is to promote healthy community living that eventually creates enormous value for our shareholders, stakeholders, and the economy.

Salient Features

Luxury Apartment for sale in DHA Phase 5 Penta Square Lahore
  • DHA Owned Project
  • Centrally Located in CCA Phase V
  • Shopping Mall & Offices
  • Guest Rooms
  • Drivers/Servants Residences
  • Reception Desk , Waiting Area
  • Centralized Air Conditioned Daycare Facility
  • 24/7 Medical Care
  • 24/7 Back up Power Generation
  • Security Control Center
  • 24/7 CCTV Surveillance

Location Map

Strategically located within the heart of DHA Phase V, Penta Square offers residents the conveniences in this self-integrated enclave, whether you are taking your beloved out for a romantic dinner, sending your children to day-care center, shopping with your family or meeting up business associates, everything is just at your doorstep.

  • 5 min drive from DHA Phase 5 Ring Road Interchange
  • 7 min drive from Sui Gas Phase 1 Ring Road Interchange
  • 20 min drive from Kalma Chowk
  • 17 min drive from Lahore International Airport
  • 33 min drive from Lahore Railway Station
  • 25 min drive from Mall Road Lahore
  • 40 Min drive to Thokar Niaz Baig M-2 Interchange
  • 25 min drive from Liberty Market Lahore
Penta Square DHA Phase 5 Lahore Location Map

Property Type

  • Studio Apartment
  • 1 Bed Apartment (Single)
  • 2 Bed Apartment (Single & Maisonette)
  • 3 Bed Apartment (Single & Maisonette)
  • 4 Bed Apartment (Maisonette)

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82 thoughts on “Penta Square Lahore | Luxury Apartments | Mall | Corporate

  1. DHA Lahore Penta Square Apartment Rates 06-02-2016

    DHA Penta Square 3 Beds Apartment for Sale @ 3 million profit
    DHA Penta Square 1 Bed Apartment for Sale @ 2.5 million profit

    1. 1) Which option is better investing in these Apartments or Plots in DHA Phase 9

      2) Are these Apartments still available ?

      3) Pardon, my ignorance, What is lifespan of these Apartment ? What happens if these Apartment building destroyed(in case of Earthquake) or not livable say after 50 to 60 years.(Who owns the land in this case? )

      Brother Atif, Thanks a lot for your previous answers, it helped a lot.

      1. Dear Haider Bhai,

        Only an individual can decide her his preference. Some people like living in Apartment & some like living in homes. In Lahore people are use to live in homes rather flats. Our customer is not preferably go for apartments. Even in our culture people don’t want to park the car in the parking area and go long for 100 to 500 meter to a shopping mall. They prefer to park the car right in front of the shop or the mall so they don’t have to travel a distance. So the demand is low in Lahore as compare to plots. These apartments are available in resale. Also new booking is expected is soon for left over inventory of 75%. In initial booking only 25% were offered for booking.

        For ownership of land in case of Earthquake or after building life time completion please contact DHA Lahore directly they can better explain.

  2. I want to sell my dha penta square 3 beds apartment. It is 2000 approx square feet area apartment. My demand is 2 million profit

    1. Dear Sir,

      DHA Penta Square Apartments are booked on 31 December, 2015. Applicant only paid Rs. 100,000 for booking process. 15% down payment is required to confirm the booking. I dont think so that there will be any trade before the confirmation of the booking. Trade before booking confirmation will be at high risk. Also DHA will not allow apartment transfer to another name utill down payment is clear.

  3. Dear thank you for keeping us up to date with day by day information on the project. I admire it we overseas Pakistani miss this information only you and an other site of CMY doing a great job. I would prefer to say that this time your information is more updated then others.

    What do you think how much own (profit) will be on 1 bed apartment. My son got 1 bed apartment successfully. I really appreciate if you share with us your opinion about profit. I know this quest is at very early stage 🙂

    1. Thank you Aslam bhai for your comments about Estate Agents in Pakistan. I am very hope full when there will be a team of agents dealing in the same way. I am witness of my self about the change in Real Estate market. Now agents are much more educated and specially the young agents are more fair and dealing with honesty. I appreciate work of Mujahid Yaseen Sahib and his team, his continuous commitment for the betterment of real estate market specially in Lahore is admirable. I wish if he could also join discussions here and people can get benefit of his in depth knowledge in Real Estate. As I said I am very hope full for the good future of Pakistan Real Estate Market with talented, knowledge able, honest and fair agents as they are now coming up.

      To be honest at this stage I cannot predict any profit for the Penta Square Apartments, however you can compare prices with DHA Gold Crest i.e. 15,000 to 18,000 per square feet and DHA offered Rs. 13,900 per square feet for a much better and prime location. Penta Square location has a lot of edge on the DHA Gold Crest in terms of price, location, lay out design and facilities. The most important is location, location and location. I assess that in next booking phase DHA will offer Rs. 17,000 to 18,000 per square feet or may be more. Just assume if it is 18,000 per square feet, so every apartment will have an profit of Rs. 4100 per square feet. Although I am not saying that this will be confirm profit but still I am pretty sure it will be near about this or may be more. I dont think or recommend any transaction before March, until every thing is clear by DHA for transfer procedure. As these apartments will not be transfer able until the 15% down payment. I better recommend to hold the apartment till March 2016 and then we will see the market trend and will decide.

    2. Sir, I hope you are good. If you are interested in Pentasquare Apartment you can buy now. Good business opportunity as the project reached over the ground level and pace of work is according to plan. Thanks and Regards

  4. Atif Sahib when development work start. Do you think DHA will deliver this project in time. In previous history DHA never deliver any thing on time. Please comment

    1. Dear Farrukh bhai before DHA has joint ventures in all such projects. In joint ventures you are dependent on other party or parties as well. Like in DHA Valley Islamabad we have experince delay due to 3 partners DHA, Habib Rafiq & Bahria Town. But DHA claims DHA Penta Square Apartments project is solely owned and developed by DHA Lahore. I am very hope full that DHA will deliver this project in time.

      In fact customer wants from developers they should hand over the possession while getting the last payment and it should be. Developer should not claim the last installment until possession is ready. I will post on site Development Work Images in next post. You can see that Development work has been started at DHA Penta Square Apartments Site.

  5. aitf bhai thank you very much for your guidance, I have successfully booked 1 bed apartment in dha penta square and have plan to mature it

  6. DHA Penta Square Apartments Booking closed

    Today booking started at 10:00 am and all apartments (77) were sold out within few hours. There was a big crowd in the morning before DHA Penta Suqare Apartments office open. Congratulation to all successful applicants. Although DHA Penta Square Apartment Management were receiving forms from people who left behind for the next booking offer. I am sure in next booking they will be given chance on first priority or if a success full applicant will fail to pay the down payment, these people may get chance to book an apartment. Development Machinery is place at site and ground breaking for development has been done today. I wish all the best who were successful and people who could not get chance in this ballot but hope fully in the next ballot they will get the chance.

    Success full applicants must deposit 15% down payment on or before 31 January 2016, to confirm the booking as mentioned in Terms & Conditions. If fails booking shall be canceled and will give change to other applicants who could not get booking today but have submitted their forms.

    Before down payment transfer will not be allowed. After down payment the allocation letter will be issued in 40 days. It mean booking might be open in mid of February 2016.

    DHA claims 25% offered project SOLD OUT IN MINUTES


  7. DHA Penta Square Booking Instructions:

    DHA Penta Square Site Office

    DHA Pent Square Booking Que

    DHA Penta Square Booking Que dated 30-12-2015

    Even though booking for DHA Penta Square will be start tomorrow at 10:00 am but there was a long que today at 12:30 pm, I think there were more then 200 people there for the que.

  8. DHA Penta Square Apartment Prices

    DHA Lahore announced flat rate of Rs. 13,900 per square feet. 5 % extra will be charge for facing green area and 10 % extra will be charged for corner.

    Rs. 100,000 will be paid at the time of booking. Payorder in favor of “DHA Lahore Penta Square”

    15% will be paid for confirmation. Rest of 85% will be paid in 10 equal instalments after every 3 months.

    Simply choose the apartment and multiply it’s square feet area with 13,900 to calculate the apartment price.

    Project will be consist of 5 Residential blocks A, C, D, E & F. Block B is specific for shopping mall.

    Total area of DHA Penta Square is 79 Kanal out of which 62% is green area.

    There will be total 35 shops and 15 office. Shops and offices will be a launched in 2nd phase of booking in which is expected in Jun 2016.

    Each apartment will have accommodation for driver in the basement with parking area.

    Apartment list with prices, covered area and payment schedule will be updated shortly.

    Must Read: Booking form must be printed on single page, front and back side on 1 page. Booking will be offered on first come first serve basis. Simply download the booking form and print it as instructed. Fill the booking form with available information (personal data). Booking will be start from 31 December 2015 at DHA Penta Square Site Office Phase V DHA Lahore. A lot of people are interested in booking so try to reach at site office early. Booing will be served on token basis. Who ever will reach early will get the token early. Token machine will print 2 token for the same number. You will present your ID card with the token number and will wait in the waiting area, 2nd token slip will remain with you. Once your number called on display you will move to booking officer. There will be 8 booing counters. Dont for forget to read the Term & Conditions carefully before signing the documents. Once you sign the document, it mean you are bound with terms and conditions printed on the back side of the DHA Penta Square booking form.

    1. Break Up of DHA Apartments offered in Penta Square:

      As we know DHA is going to offer 77 total dha apartments in first phase of booking going on 31 December, 2015. I am receiving many call daily for booking recommendation in DHA Apartments offered in Penta Square. Specially in which blocks and apartment of how many beds should be booked for best return.

      In my opinion every apartment will be sold out. So I cannot recommend any specific apartment or its type. Its always depend on individual choice. However I am just posting apartments break up for stake holders convenience as under:

      Total DHA Penta Square Apartments Break up – available for booking 77

      • Total Single Level Apartments are 60
      • Total Maisonette Apartments are 17

      Studio, 1 Bed, 2 Bed, 3 Bed DHA Apartments Break Up:

      • Total Single Level Apartments are 60
      • Total Maisonette Apartments are 17
      • Total Studio Apartments are 2 
        • 2 Apartments are Single Level
          • Block D – total Studio Apartments are 1
          • Block E – total Studio Apartments are 1
      • Total 1 Bed Apartment are 25
        • 25 Apartments are Single Level
          • 19 Apartments are type 1 A
          • 6 Apartments are type 1 B
            • Block A – total 1 Bed Apartments are 6
              • 1 A type Apartments are 3
              • 1 B type Apartments are 3
            • Block C – total 1 Bed Apartments are 3
              • All are type 1 A Apartments
            • Block D – total 1 Bed Apartments are 3
              • All are type 1 A Apartments
            • Block E – total 1 Bed Apartments are 6
              • 1 A type Apartments are 3
              • 1 B type Apartments are 3
            • Block F – total 1 Bed Apartments are 7
              • All are type 1 A Apartments
      • Total 2 Bed Apartment are 10
        • 7 Apartments are Single Level
        • 3 Apartments are Maisonette
          • 4 Apartments are type 2 A
          • 6 Apartments are type 2 B
            • Block A – total 2 Bed Apartments are 6
              • 2 A type Apartments are 3
              • 2 B type Apartments are 3
                • All Apartments are Single Level
            • Block C – total 2 Bed Apartments are 1
              • 2 B type Apartments are 1
                • All Apartments are Maisonette Apartments
            • Block D – total 2 Bed Apartments are 2
              • 2 A type Apartments are 1
              • 2 B type Apartments are 1
                • All Apartments are Maisonette Apartments
            • Block E – total 2 Bed Apartments are 1
              • 2 B type Apartment are 1
                • All Apartments are Single Level
      • Total 3 Bed Apartment are 40
        • 26 Apartments are Single Level
        • 14 Apartments are Maisonette
          • 10 Apartments are type 3 AAA
          • 8 Apartments are type 3 A
          • 10 Apartments are type 3 B
          • 5 Apartments are type 3 C
          • 4 Apartments are type 4 D
          • 3 Apartments are type 3 E
            • Block A – total 3 Bed Apartments are 9
              • 3 A type Apartments are 1
              • 3 B type Apartments are 3
              • 3 C type Apartments are 1
              • 2 D type Apartments are 2
              • 2 E type Apartments are 2
                • All Apartment are Single Level
            • Block C – total 3 Bed Apartments are 5
              • 3 A type Apartments are 1
              • 3 B type Apartments are 2
              • 3 C type Apartments are 1
              • 3 D type Apartments are 1
                • 1 Apartment is Single Level
                • 4 Apartments are Maisonette
            • Block D – total 3 Bed Apartments are 5
              • 3 A type Apartments are 1
              • 3 B type Apartments are 2
              • 3 C type Apartments are 1
              • 3 D type Apartments are 1
                • 1 Apartment is Single Level
                • 4 Apartments are Maisonette
            • Block E – total 3 Bed Apartments are 9
              • 3 AAA type Apartments are 2
              • 3 A type Apartments are 1
              • 3 B type Apartments are 3
              • 3 C type Apartments are 2
              • 3 E type Apartments are 1
                • 3 Apartments are Single Level
                • 6 Apartments are Maisonette
            • Block F – total 3 Bed Apartments are 12
              • AAA type Apartments are 8
              • A type Apartments are 4
                • All Apartments are Single Level
  9. Dear Atif Bhai
    How many other apartments projects are in DHA Lahore?

    What do you suggest about Penta Square Apartments, is it worth full to invest in this project?

    What will be maintenance charges for an apartment in Penta Square?

    I have seen the area near Jalal Sons, don’t you think that with number of 306 total apartments and other offices and shops alongwith Phase 5 CCA will make the area noisy and conjunction?

    Like DHA Gold Crest apartments prices are too high, don’t you think its better to buy a 10 Marla independent house in budget of 250 lacs instead of buying a penta square apartment?

    Also people in Lahore has no trend for linving in aparment specially in DHA as well

    1. Bhai Yasin it is the first DHA owned apartment project. I am very hope full for the project success due to it prime location. Maintenance charges are not informed by DHA at the moment. But it will as per market standard which usually are 80 to 100 rupee per square feet. Your concern is very valid for rush in the area where already a commercial activity is going on. Also Penta Square Apartment are not located at front there is line of commercial plots in front of it. I was there on site and people were discussing the same about apartment price in comparison of 5 Marla and 10 Marla house. But people who like apartment living are more concern about security, necessities and facilities of life at their door step and DHA Penta Square have it all. From every day shopping to health and medical facilities every thing will be available in this 79 Kanal area. Although living in apartment is not successful in Lahore but I am very hope full for the success of DHA Penta Square.

  10. Interested applicants are requested to read the Terms and Conditions care fully printed on the back side of the booking form before signing the document. Followings are the terms & conditions for DHA Penta Square Booking for investors convenience

    DHA Penta Square Booking Terms and Conditions:

    1. The name of the project is “Penta Square”. It is situated at CCA, Phase-V, DHA Lahore.
    2. Booking of unit shall be confirmed on realization of 15 % down payment.
    3. The applicant(s) shall make all payments by means of Pay Order duly verified from the Bank favoring DHA Lahore (Penta Square).
    4. The applicant(s) shall make all the payments within due time as laid down in the Payment schedule. Time for the payment of installments is of the essence of this Application and Agreement to sell executed between the parties.
    5. Any two consecutive defaults in payments of installments shall amount to default giving DHA Lahore right to cancel the allotment after giving notice to this effect to the Customer.
    6. Subsequent to realization of the down payment, an agreement to sell with the applicant(s) shall be entered into and the applicant(s) shall abide by all the terms and conditions mentioned therein.
    7. In case of failure, on the part of the applicant, to make payments within the prescribed period the applicant/allotment will stand cancelled. The amount deposited by the applicant shall be refunded after the completion of the project. An amount equal to 20% of the total payment made at the time of default will be deducted from the refundable amount. Alternatively, refund will be made by re-selling the Buyer’s Apartment to a new buyer when found and the refund will be made after 40 days from the date of payment made by the new buyer.
    8. All applications for booking of unit must be present with Original CNIC verified pay order from Bank and submitted on prescribed form duly filled in and signed by the applicant(s).
    9. Applicant(s) are required to be available when invited to; for signing the agreement to sell. If the applicant(s) failed to do so, DHA Lahore has the right to cancel the allotment.
    10. All Pakistani citizens and foreigners living inland or abroad are equally eligible to apply. All Laws of Provincial, Federa l government and directions/ guidelines of local authority regarding purchase, transfer of properties shall be applicable.
    11. Final Allotment Letters will be issued after the payment of all installments and charges as per the Agreement. Until the final allotment is issued the Customer has no right or interest in the title or ownership of the allotted Apartment.
    12. Prior permission of DHA will be required for booking of foreign nationals.
    13. The apartment cannot be sold till the Intimation Letter has been issued.
    14. The payments against the Unit price shall only be made as in the name of DHA Lahore (Penta Square).
    15. DHA LAHORE terms and conditions apply.
    16. 5% discount will be offered to applicant in-case he deposits full payment along with down payment.
    17. Rs.100,000/- Pay order to be deposited at the time of booking of which Rs.15,000/- are non-refundable and remaining amount will be adjusted in last installment.
    18. If applicant fails to deposit 15% down payment till 31st January 2016, the booking will stand cancelled and Rs.75,000/- will be refunded in 30 days.
    19. The apartment facing Green Area charges will be additional 5%, Corner apartment charges will be additional 10%. In case of Corner plus Green Area facing charges will be additional 15%.

    I / We, the undersigned do hereby declared that I/We have read and understood above terms and conditions and the Agreement to sell of the company and undertake to abide by them including existing and future bye laws/ rules and Regulations of DHA Lahore.

    1. Application must be present at the time of booking on 31 December, 2015 at DHA Penta Square Site Office Phace 5. DHA Penta Squre do not allow booking on some one behalf. However any of you blood relation can book and on later stage can do Hiba with a nominal transfer fee. Read the terms and conditions care fully for DHA Penta Sqaure booking. You need to pay Rs. 100,000 Pay Order at the time of booking, Booking of unit shall be confirmed on realization of 15 % down payment. If applicant fails to deposit 15% down payment till 31st January 2016, the booking will stand cancelled and Rs.75,000/- will be refunded in 30 days.

  11. Dear Atif thanks for providing this use full information. I have visited many sites but the only junk of information found there can you plz tell me how many types of apartments are there in dha penta square phase v and booking prices

    1. Penta Square Apartments have following Categories:

      • Studio Apartment
      • 1 Bed Apartment (Single)
      • 2 Bed Apartment (Single & Maisonette)
      • 3 Bed Apartment (Single & Maisonette)
      • 4 Bed Apartment (Maisonette)

      Single mean on the same level and Maisonette mean have two level lower and Upper. Booking prices for DHA Penta Square will be available (hope fully) by 26 December, 2015 on statuary.

  12. DHA PentaSquare Lahore Booking Starts from 31 December, 2015

    DHA PentaSquare Lahore booking starts from 31 December, 2015 on first come first serve basis. Limited numbers of apartments are available for booking. Total 306 apartments. In Phase 1 only 77 apartments will be offered for booking. Book your interest now. Fill the above form and submit. Our Real Estate Expert will contact you shortly for further details.

        1. Nasir bhai hope fully prices for DHA Penta Square will be available by Saturday on 26 December, 2015. As soon as I will get prices I will share it here.

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