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About Overseas Enclave

DHA Lahore has planned to develop Overseas Enclave in Sec-T, Phase-VI] which is going to be a trend setter in housing sector. The enclave has total area of 692 acres which consists of 1 kanal residential & 4 Marla, 8 Marla commercial plots. Huge Commercial Area, Equipped Educational Institutions, Mosques, Parks & other amenities will offer complete living experience to our expats.

DHA Lahore Overseas Enclave Phase 7

DHA Overseas Enclave Apply Now

DHA Overseas Enclave Phase 7 Lahore
DHA Overseas Enclave Phase 7 Lahore


  1. 100 residential and 24 commercial plots of Overseas Enclave in Phase VII (near Defence Raya Golf & Country Club) will be allotted through ballot. These plots shall be exclusively developed for oversees Pakistanis
  2. Total size and price of plot (inclusive of development charges) will be as under:
    1. 1 kanal residential                                              Rs. 22,500,000/-
    2. 4 Marla commercial                                           Rs. 42,500,000/-
    3. 8 Marla commercial                                           Rs. 72,500,000/-
  3. 10% extra charges will be paid by the applicants for corner plots, over and above the schedule price.
  4. Eligibility:   Overseas Pakistanis with NICOP / POC holders having “Roshan Digital Accounts” (RDAs) shall be eligible to participate. NICOP holders residing in Pakistan can also apply.
  5. All applicants will upload one passport size photograph and copy of NICOP / POC Card and payment proof of processing fee.
  6. Successful applicants will be required to fulfill requirements of registration with DHA Lahore for each allotted plot.
  7. An applicant can apply for any number of plots subject to payment of processing fee for each plot separately.
  8. Last date for submission of applications is 25 November 2020.
  9. Ballot will be conducted on 15 December 2020 and successful applicants detail will be displayed on DHA Lahore website.
  10. Ballot carried out will show results for successful and reserve allottees for each category. In case first allottee defaults in payment, second allottee shall be given a chance for allotment.
  11. Payment Instructions For Ballot:
    1. Amount to be paid with each application as Processing Fee is:
      1. 1 kanal residential                                                   Rs.30,000/-
      2. 4 Marla commercial                                                 Rs.30,000/-
      3. 8 Marla commercial                                                 Rs.40,000/-
    2. Overseas Pakistanis can make online payments only through “RDAs” as per scheme announced by State Bank of Pakistan.
    3. Payment will be made in favour of “DHA Lahore Ballot”.
      1. RDA account holders of following banks will make payments using websites / mobile apps of relevant bank:
        1. Faysal Bank Ltd
        2. Habib Bank Ltd
        3. MCB Bank Ltd
        4. Meezan Bank Ltd
      2. RDA account holders of other banks will use following bank for online payment (cash payment on bank deposit slip is not acceptable):
        1. Askari Bank Ltd Account no.                  PK56ASCM0000270420000838 Account Title                DHA Lahore Ballot Branch Address            Z Block, Phase-III, DHA Lahore
        2. Applicant will upload screenshot of payment confirmation receipt / electronic message on DHA’s website.
  12. Allotment Criteria:
    1. The allotment of plot to successful applicants will be subject to payment of 15% of total price to be paid within 30 days of ballot result announced on DHA Website failing which allotment shall be treated as cancelled.
    2. In such case, reserve allottee shall be informed to pay 15% amount within next 30 days.
  13. Payment Options:
    1. 03 Months Payment Plan:
      1. Amount of plot (excluding already paid price) will be payable within 3 x months from date of intimation letter.
    2. 3 Years Payment Plan:
      1. Amount of plot will be payable in 12 x quarterly installments (excluding already paid price) as per schedule issued.
      2. In case of delay in payment, surcharge @ Kibor + 5% per annum will be charged on overdue amount for the period in default.
      3. If an allottee fails to pay 3 consecutive installments within the given timelines, allotment shall be liable for cancellation.
  14. Payment Method: Overseas Pakistanis can make online payments in favor of “DHA Lahore” using “RDAs” as per scheme announced by State Bank of Pakistan. Bank details are available on DHA Lahore website.
  15. Discount will be offered on lump sum payment (excluding down payment) by successful applicants as follows:
    1. Full payment (within 90 x days of ballot)                                         7%
    2. On lump sum payment of 10 – 11 Installments                                7%
    3. On lump sum payment of 8 – 9 Installments                                    5%
  16. General:
    1. Resale will be allowed on payment of complete price as per DHA Lahore By-Laws.
    2. The applicant shall comply with all relevant by-laws and regulations of allotment, possession, construction, transfer of immovable property in DHA.
    3. Acceptance of applications is subject to approval by DHA Lahore. The Authority may accept or reject any application without assigning any reason for all categories.
    4. Application forms having incorrect information, without payment of specified amount or deposit slip not uploaded on DHA’s website will be rejected.
    5. Allotment Letter will be issued after receipt of total amount of plot.
    6. In case of cancellation, amount will be refunded after deduction @ 10% of paid amount.
    7. Possession of plot shall be handed over within 2 years.
    8. Plot number will be allotted at the time of ballot.
    9. Any change in size will be dealt at the time of possession as per DHA’s Bye Laws.
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