Bahria Town Lahore Maps

Bahria Town Lahore Maps


  1. Plot is Sector B, C or D 10 marla

    on   said 

    Dear all,

    I would like to buy plot in Sector B, C or D… 10 marla

    i would prefer reasonable prices even if those are on not main road or park facing.


  2. salik nawaz

    on   said 

    i want to buy a plot or house in any reliable scheme but i have a limited budget like 2.5m
    if i construct a very simple house like schedule construction of govt house how much it would cost

  3. mr. ahmed

    on   said 

    i want 5 marla commercial , e-sector, main bulevard in first line between plot no. 15 to 30

    pls send mail for confirm plot and last last price on cash

  4. Adnan Safdar

    on   said 

    Hi Site Owner…!
    I found your website while searching for Bahria Town’s Map online. It is indeed a good source to analyze before taking any action.
    I am interested to buy 5 Marla plot in Sector D. Can you please help me to find any economical option?

  5. Muzzamil

    on   said 

    We 3 Brothers want to purchase 3 plots in Overseas-B , wats the procedure ? should we visit any local property dealer? whats its estimated cost/range and wats the transfer fees?

    • Bahria Town Lahore Overseas B block or Phase II price range vary between 17 to 22 lacs as per location. Yes it is more worth full and always recommended to contact a local area agent (any society) in Bahria Town to get maximum options and best prices 🙂

      For transfer fee and other details please contact Bahria Town Lahore directly.

  6. Anees Ahmed

    on   said 

    AOA, Dear Atif Bhai please mail me that list too i am interested in commercial and let me know approximately price of 194 or 195 or 196 or 197 or 198 if available. tell me the value because i know one person who sealing out 197 and 196 jasmine 5 marla.

  7. Furqan Ahmad

    on   said 


    I want to purchase a 10 Marla Plot in Overseas B. Can you tell me if there is any plot available and what is the price.


  8. Malik

    on   said 

    Overseas map is for phase-1, Phase-II map is not availble. Please load as Bahria Town is giving possession & its very good location. Instead first block which has excess from Canal & near to Link road interchange.

    • Due to old link redirection you were unable to find out Bahria Town Overseas Enclave Block B or Bahria Town Overseas Enclave Phase II Lahore. Now it is fixed and redirected to complete Map of Bahria Town. Now you can find Bahria Town Overseas Enclave Block B or Phase II Map next to Janiper Block. Thank you for correction.

  9. G.Khan

    on   said 

    Pleas let me now if you still have som apartment doubble story . Bahria Town Lahore Gallery or plot. send me the priselist. thank you

  10. tahir hussain

    on   said 

    please i want to buy 5 marla commercial plot in bahria town lahore. please what will be the price & plot no.

    • 5 Marla Commercial price range is as under:

      25 to 45 as per location. I have few locations at back side of Main Boulevard of Sector C. I am mailing you available for sale plot list.

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