ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi by approving measures to streamline the implementation of Kuri and Rehara compensation packages directed that no further allotment would be made in Kuri model village to any person until further orders and plots already allotted not to be transferred to new vendees.
The CDA chairman announced that all allotment letters issued so far are declared invalid. Re-validated allotment letters shall be issued to the entitled awardees immediately upon surrender of the already issued allotment letters and after completion of all legal and procedural formalities as per the laid down policy of the authority, Elahi said.

He also directed the authority to add the features of photograph to the re-validated allotment letters for the sake of enhanced security.

The issuance of re-validated allotment letters to entitled awardee would be independent of payment of cash compensation. Cash compensation would be made depending upon the availability of funds for the purpose; however, a report regarding eligibility for cash compensation from the Deputy Director Land would be required.

The entitled awardee would not be required to pay development charge in cash before the issuance of re-validated allotment letters. However, the amount of development charges would be deducted from cash compensation payable to the affected.

The CDA Chairman has also directed to contract a comprehensive file for re-validated allotment letters in the concerned directorate. Three reports would be mandatory besides other procedural formalities on the file.

These reports include demolishing report, eligibility certificate and cash compensation eligibility certificate by the directorates concerned.

In addition to these reports, the entitled awardee would also submit an undertaking in the form of an affidavit that he has not taken any benefit from the CDA.

After completing all procedural requirements the Director Land would issue re-validated allotment letters, which required to be received by the respective entitled awardee as per procedure adopted by the Authority for such cases.

Imtiaz Elahi has also directed that in order to avoid any double allotment all the cases for re-validated allotment letter be processed through computer and the software that had been used for similar packages for sector I-11 and 1-12.