PM Imran performed groundbreaking of new Gwadar Airport

GWADAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Gwadar on 29th March, where he attended the international expo in the coastal city. Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao said that the premier has grace Gwadar Expo 2019, which was held on March 29, He also attended the ground breaking ceremony of new Gwadar International Airport.

The airport is being hailed as Pakistan’s biggest airport, thus far.

Moreover, it will be capable of handling a combination of ATR 72, Airbus, (A-300), Boeing (B-737) and Boeing (B-747) for domestic as well as international routes.

Earlier in February, Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar had said that the groundbreaking of a number of Gwadar projects will be performed in March.

Bakhtyar said the government attaches top priority to the development of Gwadar.

“Groundbreaking of a number of projects including Gwadar power plant, New International Airport, vocational institute and hospital would be done in the coming few weeks,” the minister was quoted as saying in an official statement. “Similarly, Gwadar master plan would be finalised in the coming six weeks.”

2 thoughts on “PM Imran performed groundbreaking of new Gwadar Airport

  1. If we come to any conclusions then your comment on corruption and fraud is without a shadow of a doubt a huge dilemma which for all practical purposes the new government must immediately resolve and rectify.
    I myself have invested recently in Gwadar and I can assure each and every single person who reads this if i can shafted by those who have taken my hard earned dosh woe be tied as I will do a rambo on all those frackers.
    I aint no byyyach to allow anyone to rip me off.

  2. Land mafMaf in PK are in full swing. Prices r sky high , no profit but high frauds, fake marketing with pictures, vvideo of Singapore, Malaysia etc but huge Unemploym, poverty, corrupt criminals mafia police judges court, land grabbers always win in court, overseas Pakistani investor lose money time .
    Justice too slow mostly investor die before court rulrr in favour of culprits.

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