DHA Bahawalpur announced booking for 5 Marla & Marla residential categories on 3 years installment plan in addition with following categories:

DHA Bahawalpur 2019 Installment Plan Booking Started

DHA Bahawalour announced installment plan booking for following categories:

Residential Plots 3 years installment plan:
5 Marla – 16 lacs
8 Marla – 25 lacs
2 Kanal – 100 lacs

Farm House 3 years installment plan:
4 Kanal – 200 lacs
8 Kanal – 375 lacs

Commercial Plots 3 years installment plan:
4 Marla – 175 lacs
8 Marla – 375 lacs

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DHA Bahawalpur 2019 Booking Ad

Booking amount to pay with application form

5 Marla Residential
Rs. 3,000 (Non Refundable)

8 Marla Residential
Rs. 5,000 (Non Refundable)

2 Kanal Residential
Rs. 10,000 (Non Refundable)

4 Kanal Farmhouse
Rs. 170,000 (20,000 Non Refundable)

8 Kanal Farmhouse
Rs. 325,000 (25,000 Non Refundable)

4 Marla Commercial
Rs. 165,000 (15,000 Non Refundable)

In case of unsuccessful applicant balance amount will be returned after deduction of non refundable amount. In case of successful application, following down payment will be paid within 30 days of balloting results and 12 quarterly installments:

5 Marla Residential
Rs. 100,000 downpayment
Rs. 125,000 x 12 installment quarterly

8 Marla Residential
Rs. 150,000 downpayment
Rs. 195,000 × 12 installment quarterly

2 Kanal Residential
Rs. 500,000 downpayment
Rs. 791,700 × 12 installment quarterly

4 Kanal Farmhouse
Rs. 1,000,000 downpayment
Rs. 1,583,400 x 12 installment quarterly

8 Kanal Farmhouse
Rs. 1,500,000 downpayment
Rs. 3,000,000 x 12 installment quarterly

4 Marla Commercial
Rs. 750,000 downpayment
Rs. 1,395,900 x 12 installment quarterly

8 Marla Commercial
Rs. 1,000,000 downpayment
Rs. 2,833,400 x 12 installment quarterly

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