LAHORE: A document supposedly detailing flaws of the local government system, circulated by the Punjab government among the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) members, has failed to pinpoint any specific shortcomings in the law the provincial government wants changed.

The four-page document, entitled ‘Standpoint of the Punjab Government on Local Government System’, had been distributed among PML-N members and office-bearers to seek their input and recommendations. The PML-N has been critical of the system and demanded its abolition. However, talking to Daily Times on condition of anonymity, several PML-N members said: “It’s a vague document and does not highlight specific flaws in the system.”

They said the only points the document covered were that the credibility of those who introduced the system was doubtful and that there was to justify handing over the system to the federal government as it was a provincial subject.

According to the document, Gen ® Pervez Musharraf held the local bodies elections in August 2001 under the Local Government Ordinance. It says the government has decided to introduce changes in the system to make it more people-friendly.

The document says, “Making local governments subservient to federal government, under Schedule 6 of the Constitution is an unconstitutional and undemocratic step by Musharraf. The government is not scrapping the system, but removing its flaws to further improve efficiency.”

Confidence: Before introducing legislation in this regard, “the government will take elected representatives and assemblies into confidence,” the document adds.

SuggestionsML-N Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said the document was “meant for brain storming of the party members who received it”, adding it was neither an official document of the Punjab government, nor of the PML-N. He said the party members had been debating the manuscript, adding that they were also giving suggestions. Later, a final document would be tabled in the assembly, he added.

Source: Daily Times