LAHORE: Lahore Consumer Court judge Syed Maruf Ahmedali on Tuesday directed two dealers to refund the price of an electricity generator to the consumer and also pay Rs 5,000 as cost of the case within 10 days. The complaint, Azmatullah Chaudhry, submitted he purchased an electricity generator in March 2008 for Rs 47,820 and paid Rs 14,220 in advance. He said the balance amount was to be paid in 12 monthly instalments. He said he paid Rs 5,600 in two instalments. He said the generator did not work properly, and the experts sent by the dealers could not remove the fault. He said a CPU and three tube lights had been damaged, but the dealers refused to replace the generator. The judge, after hearing both parties, directed the respondents to refund Rs 19,820 and also pay Rs 5,000 as cost of the case within ten days. The judge directed the petitioner to return the generator to the respondents. staff report

Source: Daily Times