LAHORE: The city faced lesser load shedding as the Lahore Electric Supply Company’s (LESCO) shortfall decreased due to pleasant weather after rain on Monday. Fewer power outages were reported on Saturday and Sunday while there has been no power suspension for the past three nights.

The rain spell, which stared a few days ago, has changed the weather and has provided relief to the citizens from load shedding. LESCO Public Relations Deputy Director Javed Khan said if the weather remained pleasant there would be no load shedding. He said LESCO’s shortfall had been reduced from 968MW to 750MW.

“The use of air conditioners almost stopped and this was the reason for reducing load shedding,” Khan said. “In the city, there will be six to eight hours of load shedding, while in suburban areas eight to ten hours of power outages are expected,” he said. The fresh series of monsoon rains made the weather pleasant, which resulted in lower temperatures throughout the province. The Meteorological Department recorded 2mm rain in the city and has forecast thunderstorms with moderate to heavy rainfall.

Source: Daily Times