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About Mivida Pakistan

MIVIDA Pakistan is a unique, comprehensive and vibrant Sustainable and Smart city, providing residential, commercial, public and resort living facilities, served by ample amenities and high-quality infrastructure. A landmark development which cultivates a sense of community and belonging for residents and visitors alike. A residential lifestyle experience which ranges from ultra-high lifestyle to affordable housing, creating a uniquely dynamic mix-use sustainable development with a holistic lifestyle.


NOC is under process with RDA and yet not issued. Once it will issued we will update here

Mivida City Unique Edge

Salient Features

Sustainable & Smart Development
The most Desirable Place to Live in Pakistan!

  • Intelligent Information Infrastructure Overlay
  • Holistic Hybrid Space Planning
  • Increased Functioning Efficiency
  • Improved Quality of Amenities
  • Increased Resident Welfare
  • Efficient Circulation & Transport
  • Cities within a City Approach
Mivida Pakistan Fresh Green Environs

Fresh Green Environs

Preserving Ecological Integrity

  • PGA Standard 9 Holes Golf Course at 40 acres
  • Urban Heat Islands
  • Green Spine Walkways and Cherry Blossom Pavilions
  • Distinctive Series of Green Ribbons
  • Walkable Biking & Shaded Jogging Trails
  • Botanical & Rain Gardens
  • Hydroponic Domes & Solar Trees
  • Butterfly House, Avian Park, Bird Sanctuaries & Zoo
  • Play Fields & Interactive Green Spaces
  • Water & Amusement Parks
  • Organic Fruits & Vegetable Gardens

Mivida City Unique Dynamic Design

Unique Dynamic Design

Human in Scale and Powerfully Distinctive Cutting-edge Architecture!

  • Signal – Free Panoramic Main Boulevard connected to both M-2 Motorway & Chakri Road
  • Ring Road all around the Project for fast access
  • Active Commercial Central District
  • Green Belts situated in multiple sectors
  • Public Realm Walkways with 10-15 minutes’ walk from home to Markaz
  • IT Park and Education Complex
  • Neighborhood Markaz
  • Grand Jamia Masjid along with Sector Mosques
  • Open and Inviting Plaza with Ground-Level Activity
Mivida City Resort Living

Resort Living

An Experience Like Never Before!

  • 1 and 2 kanals of Standalone Resort Living with no Adjacent Plots
  • Lakeview Chalets & Villas
  • Resort Hotel Apartments
  • Freshwater Lake Resorts with Boating & Fishing Clubs
  • Surrounded by Organic & Botanical Gardens and Avian Parks
  • Exclusive Social Club
  • Recreation Island
  • Direct Access to Golf Course
  • Peaceful & Secure
Mivida Pakistan Exceptional Lifestyle Amenities

Exceptional Lifestyle Amenities

Life at it’s Best

  • State-of-the-art Hospitals, Clinics & Wellness Centers
  • Fully Functional University, Medical College, Educational Complexes
  • Every Neighborhood’s Own One-Stop Markaz
  • Public Utility Offices, Banks, Fire Station, Shuttle Bus Station
  • Playgrounds, Parks , Mosques, Multi Propose Halls
  • Retail Shops, Restaurants, Cafés, Organic Markets
  • Clubs, Gymnasiums, Sports Complex & Cricket Ground
  • Cinemas, Gaming Zones & Aquaria

Eco-Sustainable Mivida Pakistan


  • Reduced Water Consumption
  • Renewable Energy through Solar Farms, Windmills & Bio Plant
  • Bio-domes using Passive Cooling Method
  • Bio-filtered Wastewater Recycling
  • Centralized Waste Management, Recycling Centers & Bins
  • Water Conservation & Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Wastewater Recycling & Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Aqueducts Recharger Ponds
  • Rainwater Collection Ponds
  • Stormwater Management Infrastructure
  • Greywater Management at Housing Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Landscape Preservation Strategies
  • Less Carbon Footprint

Smart Mivida Pakistan

Smart City

  • Smart Surveillance & Security System
  • Smart Metering & Monitoring System
  • Smart Electrical Car Charging Points & Stations
  • Smart Garbage Collection System
  • Smart Fire/Hazard Safety System
  • Smart Air Pollution Management
  • Smart Resident Portals & Platforms
  • Smart Street Lighting System
  • Smart Traffic Management
  • Smart Way Finding
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Grid

Mivida Pakistan Lifestyle Amenities

Lifestyle Amenities

One Stop Public Facilities
Come Live Here!

  • Best Medical & Educational Services
  • Fully Functional University, Medical College, Educational Complexes
  • State-of-the-art Hospitals, Clinics & Wellness Centers
  • Every Neighborhood’s Own One-Stop Markaz
  • Public Utility Offices, Banks, Fire Station, Shuttle Bus Station
  • Playgrounds, Parks , Mosques, Multi Propose Halls
  • Retail Shops, Cafes, Organic Markets
  • Sports Complex & Cricket Ground
  • Clubs & Gymnasiums
  • Cinemas, Gaming Zone & Apex Aquaria
Mivida City Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance

MIVIDA Pakistan is a winning combination of Sustainability & Smartness right up from its
core infrastructure, ensuring long-term higher quality of life and a clean and evergreen
environment through state-of-the-art technological solutions. 100% Eco-sustainable and Luxurious Housing Investment made for today, ensured for generations to come.

  • Town Planning by Meinhardt Group (Singapore)
  • Development by Maxim Investment Group (Egypt)
Mivida Pakistan Location

Mivida Pakistan Location

  • Right at the Apex of Major Up-coming Developments in the Capital City Expansion Plan
  • Signal – free boulevard connected to both M-2 Motorway and Chakri Road
  • 10 minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport and 5 minutes from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Large frontage at M2 Motorway & Chakri Road
  • Beautiful landscape combined with the ever lush green Margalla Hills offering the most serene living experience
  • Most Promising & Livable Master Plan of current era providing all desired and promised amenities in a grand scheme of services

Mivida Pakistan Map

Mivida Pakistan Master Plan
Mivida Pakistan Master Plan

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