CHIEF Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that poverty and ignorance cannot be the fate of Pakistanis and we will have to make progress with hard work, honesty and determination, learning a lesson from our past mistakes so that our new generations can be proud of us.

He said all sections of the society would have to make a collective struggle for development and instead of blaming one another, we should hold ourselves accountable and fulfil our responsibilities to mould the country according to the ideals of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said no nation could progress with the help of foreign loans and we would have to rely on our own resources for becoming a respectable nation.

He was addressing a function held in connection with the Independence Day at a local hotel here on Tuesday.

The chief minister said our failures outnumbered our achievements as nation during the last 62 years but instead of raising hue and cry on the failures of the past, we would have to move forward by adopting the principles of our forefathers. He said the western countries had made progress by following the Islamic values and promoting science and technology. He said instead of depending on loans of foreign countries, we would have to take assistance from them in education, science and technology. He said no country of the world made progress due to foreign aid and poverty and illiteracy could not be eliminated with it. Mr Shahbaz said we would have to get rid of the International Monetary Fund for achieving economic independence the country was declining instead of making progress due to strict conditions of the IMF. He said we would have to show self-respect, adopting the habit of living within our own resources. He said that condition of every sector of life in the country was deplorable and the ruling class and the rich were responsible for it that spent the resources of the country on their luxuries.

The CM said foreign investors were reluctant to invest in the country due to uncertain law and order situation. He said our industrial sector was at the verge of destruction and the industry associated with cotton, which had an important place in the economy, had been ruined while Bangla Desh was earning billions of dollars by making cotton products. He said some people were engaged in cruelties and barbarism in the name of Islam and were shedding blood of their own Muslim brothers. He said Ulema and religious parties would have to play their role in this regard and assist the government in its efforts to eliminate terrorism and extremism.

Shahbaz Sharif said like other sectors, the condition of the education sector was also pathetic. He said the country was an atomic power not because of education system but because a few scientists who had worked in the west played their role to make it a nuclear state. He said that on the pattern of achieving nuclear self-sufficiency, we would have to equip our talented youth with science and technology to achieve the targets in other sectors. The chief minister said the country came into being after a large number of sacrifices but unfortunately the dream

of the leaders of the Pakistan Movement could not be materialised. He said on the occasion of the Independence Day, we would have to reiterate the pledge that we would leave no stone unturned for the progress and prosperity of the country.

Nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarak Mand, religious scholar Mufti Muneebur Rehman and Sindh High Court Bar Association President Rasheed A Rizvi were also present.

beautification of roads: Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that a comprehensive strategy is being implemented for the provision of recreational facilities to the masses and beautification of the cities in the province.

He said measures were also being taken for the restoration of historical beauty of Lahore, improving its image as a city of gardens.

He was addressing a meeting held to review various projects of the Parks and Horticulture Authority at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat here on Tuesday.

The chief minister directed the officials concerned to provide recreational facilities to children besides highlighting the culture of Lahore in historical Nasir Bagh and keeping in view the Mughal architecture in the project of beautification and restoration of Kamran’s Baradari. He asked them to complete the project of beautification of important roads within three months.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Shahbaz said besides plantation of maximum saplings on 32 important roads, monuments and models were also being erected in the city. He said provision of neat and clean environment and recreational facilities to the citizens were among the priorities of the government and such projects were being completed in less developed areas on a priority basis. He said provision of healthy atmosphere and entertainment facilities to the masses in the present busy and tense life was of very significant, adding that a survey of the city was being conducted for this purpose so that state land could be utilised for the recreational facilities after vacating it from land grabbers. The chief minister said the government had not only evolved a comprehensive programme for the restoration of historical and recreational spots but pavilions would also be constructed for providing the sports facilities to the youth in the provincial metropolis.

He said Kamran’s Baradari should be made an attractive place for the masses and measures should be taken for construction of a beautiful lake there. He directed the officials concerned to ensure modern recreational facilities at Nasir Bagh.

Mr Shahbaz said the PHA would have to play its role in the abovementioned projects and seed money of Rs 100 million had already been provided to it in this regard. He directed the PHA DG to ensure high standard in all the projects and services of foreign experts could also be acquired.

Earlier, the PHA DG gave the chief minister the details of various projects and timeframe for their execution. A representative of international company and girl students of the National College of Arts gave detailed briefing regarding Kamran’s Baradari and restoration of beauty of the road from the Lower Mall to the Tollinton Market.

MPA Mohsin Latif, the MPAs, PHA chairman, Housing secretary, Lahore commissioner and DCO, LDA DG, NCA principal and officers concerned and experts were also present.

Source: The News