ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed the multi-billion project of Zero Point Interchange (ZPI) and made all its portions functional for the traffic, giving final touches to it.

Project Director ZPI, Mumtaz Hussain told APP that Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani is likely to inaugurate the project soon. He said major portion of the project costing around Rs 3 billion was earlier opened in April while some of the slip roads and loops, which were under construction, have also been made functional for the traffic.

However, the loop giving access to the traffic moving from Faisal Avenue to Kashmir Highway was designed very close to the National Monument and it was feared that it might threaten the nearby structure of the monument. “To avoid any damage, we have engaged a foreign firm to supply anchors to support the monument tying it with the nearby rocks. The anchor would be erected by mid of June,” he said.

Regarding installation of pedestrian bridges, he said the project has been approved by the CDA and awarded to the Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC). All four pedestrian bridges would cost Rs 48 million and the HMC is committed to install these bridges within a short time period. The official said some alteration has been made in design of the under-construction pedestrian bridge at Islamabad Highway and instead of concrete, the steel girders will be placed on it too. The modification has been made fearing any untoward incident due to huge width of the road.