LAHORE (December 03, 2010) : Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday speaking at the inauguration ceremony of ‘Ashiana Housing Scheme Project’ said that they were initiating housing scheme for the down trodden and low-income groups in line with the vision of PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif. He said this low-cost housing scheme would be unparalleled in quality in matching standards with any other similar scheme.

Nawaz especially participated at the ceremony along with federal and provincial legislators., People from different walks of life were also attended the ceremony. The chief minister showed his qualm that besides very few housing schemes, in the past 63-years, some schemes have been hit by corrupt practices and have gone down the drain.

Shahbaz stated that 10 percent quota for widows and destitute have been kept in the housing scheme. Elaborating on the mode of payment of the scheme said that Rs 4, 500 per monthly installment for three-Marla area house; Rs 7, 500 installment for per five-Marla house has been kept.

He said under the project six to seven thousand houses would be built in sooae assil where immediate work has commenced on construction of 3,000 houses. He said work would finish on the project in a year. The chief minister here cited bad state of work on Lahore-Kasur Ring Project undertaken in the past.

Nawaz in his address on the occasion applauded and congratulated the efforts of Punjab government in giving homes to the poor stating that accumulated sources of revenue from hard earned money should be spent on social welfare of the people.

Nawaz stated that in their government’s last tenure they initiated scheme by the name of ‘Mera Ghar’ and other social welfare projects but unfortunately their government was dismissed, he pointed. He stressed upon to expand ‘Ashiana Housing Scheme’ to every nook and corner of the province and asked for officers to be deputed. Nawaz said this scheme is a blessing for the poor in this current era of high inflation.

Source: Business Recorder