Capital Development Authority (CDA) seems reluctant to take action against cell phone towers on rooftops, posing threat to human lives or installed without prior permission.

In recent past, the Authority had planned to launch a drive against unauthorised cell phone towers and those installed on rooftops without proper security measures.

“We have pointed out around 65 Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) towers that are subject to action by the Authority, as they do not conform to the CDA by-laws,” said a senior CDA official Sunday.

He said that most of these towers have been installed in residential areas, on rooftops or in commercial areas without proper safety measures that might as well lead to an untoward incident during extreme weather conditions.

He said CDA had earlier directed the concerned companies to either remove these towers or get them regularised according to the law, but they turned a deaf ear to the directives.

“All of them will be removed except those in a position to be regularised,” the official said and added that a list of such towers has been forwarded to the Directorate of Enforcement that would provide force to execute the plan. He added that removal is the only option now.

However, it is yet to be known as to why action is being delayed in this regard. The enforcement director upon contact was not available to ascertain the reasons behind the delay.

The official said that CDA has chalked out a future policy on setting up of BTS towers in residential and commercial areas, according to which no tower would be installed on rooftops or in an open plot.

“If anyone plans to install a BTS tower in an open plot, it should be situated at least 200 feet away from the residential area,” said the official.

He said the cell phone companies are adopting old methods in setting up towers despite modern technology in which the towers of a very small diameter could be set up.

He said to set up a BTS tower, prior approval from the Authority is essential for the concerned company, otherwise, the violators would face action besides a heavy fine. Contrary to the CDA by-laws, a large number of such towers are seen on the rooftops, putting people and infrastructure at risk.

Source: The News