LAHORE: About 70 percent of Lahore’s water supply is contaminated due to a lack of chlorification, a recent survey conducted by the Environment Protection Department (EPD) has revealed. EPD Secretary Zafar Iqbal said that following the first monsoon rain he had ordered EPD staff to collect water samples from across the city.

He said that 183 samples had been collected, of which 120 had been tested. Iqbal said that the samples had been collected from water tanks, hand pumps, pipes and other supply sources. He said that 77 of the 120 samples had been declared hazardous, while the other 43 were fit for drinking. Iqbal said that nearly 70 percent of the city’s water supply was contaminated. He added that the water contained Coliform Bacteria, which is responsible for gastroenteritic diseases.

Iqbal said that the EPD had sent the reports to the Lahore Development Authority, Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) and the city government. He offered to test samples of drinking water for free at the EPD’s laboratories. Iqbal added that water from hand pumps was most likely to be contaminated. He said he had asked the WASA to increase chlorination of the city’s water supply.

Source: Daily Times