LAHORE: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to acquire possession of mortgaged plots located in 21 private housing schemes, including Punjab Government Servants Housing Scheme Foundation, Overseas Pakistani Foundation’s Farm Housing Scheme and Ravians Co-operative Housing Scheme.

According to LDA spokesman, the authority had started preliminary proceedings for lands’ acquisition, which are to be sold later through an open auction in order to execute development works in the housing schemes.

The spokesman informed the media that the developers of these schemes had failed to complete development work in these colonies despite passage of the specified period given to them for this purpose.

He said the LDA had “intimidated” the general public and developers of these schemes to file their respective objections in this regard, in the interest of justice. It also asked them to inform the authorities about any plot transactions they had conducted in the housing schemes. “The objections must reach the LDA metropolitan planning director’s office within the next 15 days,” he added.

The 21 schemes mentioned above include:

  1. Punjab Government Servants Housing Scheme Foundation
  2. Overseas Pakistani Foundation’s Farm Housing Scheme
  3. Ravians Co-operative Housing Scheme
  4. Abu Zar Housing Scheme,
  5. Ahbab Cooperative Housing Scheme Phase-I
  6. Al-Assar Housing Scheme
  7. Al-Hamra Town Housing Scheme
  8. Bagh-e-Iram Housing Scheme
  9. China Town Housing Scheme
  10. Fazal Elahi/Makkah Housing Scheme
  11. Gulshan-e-Jinnah Housing Scheme
  12. Green Valley Housing scheme
  13. Hyde Park Housing Scheme
  14. Kake Zai Housing Scheme Phase-II
  15. Khurram Town Housing Scheme
  16. Meraj Town Housing Scheme
  17. Rehmanabad Housing Scheme
  18. Sally Town Housing Scheme (North)
  19. Saman Zar Housing Scheme
  20. Sunny Park (Ext) Sunny Garden Housing Scheme
  21. Zubaida Khatoon Housing Scheme.