Event displays a spirit of togetherness and family

February 19th 2012, Lahore: New Lahore City (NLC), a collaborative project of Zaitoon Group and Rafi Group, organised a day long ‘Mela’ on Sunday, 19th February for its future residents and other stakeholders at the site of the new development.

The successful family event started early at 10:00 am and continued until the late afternoon. It was well attended by NLC’s current and prospective clients, real estate consultants and independent marketing consultants, allowing them to get together on the site and enjoy the beautiful spring afternoon by the picturesque Lahore canal.

The ‘Mela’ hosted a range of activities, including magic shows, a concert, face painting stalls and various other family-oriented activities which kept the guests entertained. In addition, separate outdoor rides were set-up, allowing children to enjoy a perfect Sunday out. Further activities such as singing and poetry competitions, and races for children were also organised to keep the participants involved. Attendees were also treated to food court stalls which incorporated the mela theme by serving Pakistani cuisine including chana chaat, pakoray, Gol gappay, Jalaibi, samosas, pakoras as well as sugar balls, popcorn, tea and other refreshments.

The event also housed Sales & Customer Care Information counters to assist current and prospective clients with their queries. NLC’s clients were extremely pleased with the event, saying it allowed families, who would one day be future neighbours, to interact and get to know each other.

Commenting on the occasion, Mian Ayaz Anwar, director at NLC, said, “New Lahore City was conceived of as a community, where everyone interacts with one another on a personal basis. This mela was held so that we could invite all our existing and future residents to mingle and share our philosophy of camaraderie. We’re extremely pleased to that it was met with such resounding interest and success.”