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  1. Mujtaba Ahmad

    on   said 

    ASSLAM O Alaikum, Bhai AATIF Sorry To Missing 5 Phase Map Kh Babat Poochna Chah,Raha Thha Jb Tq Map A Jae Ga Inshallah?

    • Dear Mujtaba Ahmad Bhai,

      There is no official date by New Town for Phase 5 Map. But New Town management says it is coming soon, however we are listening from last year about this that it is coming soon.

    • Dear Maqsood Ahmed Bhai,

      White Perl City NOC expired as per GDA website. We don’t have any other information about the projects. Please refer to GDA for any further assistance.

  2. Maqsood Ahmad

    on   said 

    Atif Bhai
    would u recommend investment in Gawadar at the moment?if it is then which society,and if i want to start any commercial activity in gawadar what u advise?I will be v thank ful

  3. Nizar

    on   said 


    If I want to buy now ph 4 ext file can you guide on
    (1) availability,
    (2) current price and
    (3) process

    I understand that it’s not transferable due to ban but will be allowed after some time

    Will appreciate your guidance to buy them now



    • Dear Nizar Bhai,

      Files are still available in market for trade with open status. New Town Phase 4 Ext. has following categories:


      400 yards @ 14 lacs
      1000 yards @ 20 lacs


      1000 yards @ 60 lacs

      All these rates for computerized file, you may get manual files at low price. But it is recommended to buy computerized files to avoid any risk in future.

    • Dear Muhammad Aslam Bhai,

      There is no official date of New Town New Map. However it is now expected soon. Hope fully within 6 months after this DC Office circular saying that land is enough to accommodate non map files.

    • Dear Muhammad Aslam Bhai,

      Yes documents which are submitted will be entertained. This ban would not stay long. Map is under process. Once New Map issued transfer will be open again.


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