Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society (ACHSL) Lahore by Alfalah Bank Employees.

The Society

Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society is a bonafide housing society, duly registered with the Registrar Cooperatives, Government of Punjab. It is not a commercial venture, and has been established purely for the benefit of the members, on a self-help basis. The Society has been setup with the objective to provide its members with secure and high quality residential facilities, complete with all essential amenities and natural and serene surroundings for a comfortable family living.

Located next to villages Hair and Tatley (about six km from Hadiara Drain), the Society’s Layout plan envisages a total of about 810 acres of land to be used for residential plots and other amenities. M/s Nespak have been awarded a contract for preparing a Master plan for the Society following international planning standards. The Master plan will include design of the entrance gate, boundary wall, schools, play areas, parks and woodland and a host of other amenities essential for a high class family living environment.

The Society’s accounts are maintained following accepted accounting standards and have been officially audited by the Registrar’s office till June 2010.


Appropriate security measures have been undertaken on the site by deputing a team of security guards to safeguard the property against any type of violation or transgression. All property documents are in the name of the Society and these have been duly inspected by legal practitioners and placed in Safe deposit lockers under joint custody of two office bearers of the Society

Woodland: 100 Acres

As per original plan, 100 acres of land was earmarked for construction of a golf course. Concurring with the suggestion given by a large number of members, the Managing Committee has decided to give up plans of constructing a golf course. Instead, this land will now be used for designing a woodland area adjacent to residential plots. Besides enhancing the beauty and serenity of the society and promoting a healthy and natural living environment, the forestry will create an ecologically friendly environment, reducing the dust and pollution found elsewhere. This will also spare the Society expenses it would have had to incur on construction and maintenance of the golf course (which may not even be used by more than a handful of members).

Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society Lahore Map (Provisional)

Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society Lahore Map(Provisional)

Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society Lahore Map(Provisional)

The above given map is provisional and submitted for approval. Thus should not be used for any selling / buying decision (s) in Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society Lahore.

For all question / queries regarding home / plots sizes, price structure, instalment schedule, developments, possession, transfer fees and procedures please contact Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society Lahore office directly.

Alfalah Cooperative Housing Society Lahore

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